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Using Giant Bomb?

So, today I decided that I was going to use Giant Bomb again more. Or, at least, I thought I might, so I've customized my page a bit and made it more homely. And, to be COMPLETELY honest, I'm really just writing this blog for the quest. I feel kind of bad for doing that, however, I honestly don't blog much. And if I do, it's on a much grander scale. Well, I hope to talk to many of you in the Giant Bomb Chat room that exists now. Hopefully I make some friends at the Big Live Live Show: Live? Good night!


E3 Weasel Recap + #2

You can find my massive E3 Weasel Recap, which features a 6,000 word editorial about the three Press Conferences, and afterwards find the second installment of the series, bringing the total games covered to 37 games, at my personal Weblog!

Weasel's Weblog

It's good to be here @ GiantBomb! :)