Weasel's Games of the Year 2018

Shockingly enough, this list still doesn't consist of ten games, even this year.

2018 was a roller coaster of a year for me in a lot of ways and when I took the time to look back at the video game releases this year, I realized that similar to last year, I didn't seem to pick up a lot of current games to play. Or at the very least, I didn't PLAY them too terribly much. When I pick up a game that I really like, I tend to put a LOT of hours into it, not thinking about other games. This is obviously what developers want, so it works out for them, but it keeps the variety a bit low. Even with that said, I am pretty happy with the games that I did play this year, and at least one of these games is a mobile game!

Similarly to last year, this list will only contain games that came out in the year of 2018. Other games that were played may be relegated to a separate list, so make sure to check that out. In the meantime, here is my Top 7 games of this year!

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