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Weasel's Most Played Old Games in 2017

Not all games have to be new to be able to give you a fantastic experience.

After submitting my lists for the best 2017 games and most anticipated 2018 games, I realized that there were a handful of great games that I played this year that didn't come out in 2017, and may not have even come out in 2016. That's one of the best things about video games is that they are around forever. Most of the older games that I've played have helped me connect with some friends that I normally wouldn't have if I hadn't have been playing them. I feel like those games deserve to be highlighted as well. This list may not be complete because, let's be honest, there are a lot of games out there, and sometimes its hard to keep track of them all.

This list is unordered.

List items

  • I love Guild Wars 2. I always have. I've been a fan of Guild Wars since I bought the original collector's edition back in 2005. I've been able to bring my girlfriend in to play Guild Wars 2 and she's enjoyed it quite a bit. And with a free version available, I can tell my friends that they can come in and join us in adventuring through the world of Guild Wars as well. I would recommend Guild Wars to anyone who is looking for a straight-up MMO, especially because there are no monthly fees (once you've bought the game, its yours to play forever).

  • EVE Online is a very weird beast to me. If it wasn't for the fact that they recently upgraded the amount of stuff that the free-to-play accounts can train, I probably wouldn't have come back to it. But there's something about buying a battleship, outfitting it with, frankly, too many guns, and going out to shoot some pirates (and hopefully not get shot by other players). I'm not sure how much longer that I'll keep playing it right now, but its a great game to come back to every once in a while.

  • Its wild to think that a game this old can be this addicting. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe is a free, open source version of Transport Tycoon, and the amount of hours I've put in to this is insane. This may also be the game that my girlfriend has put the most time in to as well. At first, this game may seem daunting, but once you read up on how to most effectively create your railroads, this game can be a really fun challenge when you're just looking to mess around.

  • Tower Unite is a game that I'm not sure I would ever recommend to anyone. It feels like an online forum in the form of a virtual world, but it doesn't take it as far as Second Life. Instead, this game is the spiritual successor to the Garry's Mod "Gmod Tower" mod (say that five times fast). I find it fun only because I can get a few of my friends together and we can play a silly game of minigolf in it, then relax at our virtual condominium while watching YouTube videos.

  • You may have noticed that The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is not on my Games of the Year 2017 list. After watching and participating with the Jackbox Games folks in their streams, I've come to feel that their 4th installment is the weakest installment of games yet. That said, I've come back to the 3rd one over and over for party games with friends, and probably will continue to for a while longer. Hopefully in another six months we'll see another good new Party Pack, but until then, I'm good with this one.

  • I hate that this is on my list. Why is this on my list? Why do I find this game fun? Why did I come back and play Turbo mode and enjoy it? Why do I have some friends who want to come back to this game? Why do I enjoy playing it when I don't actually enjoy playing it? Why have I spent so much money on this game in the past? Have I broken the addiction? I thought I broke it? This game is on my list for posterity purposes.

  • When the Motorsport Manager game came out on the smartphone a while back, I was obsessed with it. Then they announced that they were making a PC version of it and I became reobsessed with it. Then they released a second iteration of the phone version and I fell off of the PC version because the features of the phone one were better. Then they reincorporated some of those features into the PC version and I got in to playing it a bit again. I still really like Motorsport Manager.

  • I didn't pick this game up until this year, but I recall playing over thirty hours of it within the span of a week. The fall off from this game was harsh for me, as I found that when I got up into the higher turn counts, I was so self sufficient that I was just hitting next turn in order to see what would happen next. Because of the fact that I binged this game so hard, I felt that it deserved to be on this list. I haven't played the expansion yet, but might consider doing that in 2018.

  • Cities: Skylines is one of the best city building games that I've ever played. When my girlfriend told me that she wanted to play it, we both became obsessed with it for a while. I sometimes wish that I had more time in between the games that I'm currently playing to come back to it. They're still releasing more DLC content, and while I'm not sure if it actually changes the game a whole ton, I've found that I want to partake it in a little bit more. I'm sure I'll keep coming back to Cities: Skylines in the future.

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