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Weasel's Most Played Old Games in 2019

Sometimes you just can't help but go back to your old favorites, or make some new ones from the past.

Most of the games that I played this year were in the first six months of the year since I moved not long after that, packing up my nice gaming computer and putting it in storage. Even with that though, I've still found some time to get some good gaming in, and to discover some games that had come out long ago that I hadn't touched before. For many of the games on this list, you'll notice a pattern in the genre of them, but others may surprise you. The following are my favorite games that I played that came out previous to 2019.

This list is unordered.

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  • Guild Wars 2 has literally been on my list every single year since I started making my Game of the Year lists on Giant Bomb and this year is no different. After I moved states and put my gaming computer into storage, I was left with a nice, but generally underpowered laptop, with which to use in my every day life. And so quite recently, with the release of the newest Living World story, I decided to once again jump back in to Guild Wars 2, creating a new character that I had never played before in order to fully experience the game once more. For the past month or so, I've basically been playing the game daily, and plan to continue to do so for the near future. I also feel its important to remind people that for $30, you get a MMORPG that you can play with no recurring fees for the perpetual future, so I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking to scratch that MMO itch that you may have had for a while now.

  • Its amazing to think that I only finally played a Grand Theft Auto game for the first time in 2019, but the more shocking part may be that I bought and played it not at all for the single player, but to delve into the world of Grand Theft Auto Online. And let me tell you, its quite the experience. I have a love hate relationship with Grand Theft Auto Online, because on one hand, the experiences that you can have with it can be extremely fun, especially when playing with friends, but on the other hand, trolls and hackers reign supreme on many public servers, something of which its shocking that it hasn't been fixed with how long the game has been out. All of that said, the time that I spent with my friends in that world was fun and enjoyable and I would play it again next year.

  • Strategy games are my jam and I've played a lot of them in my time and Frostpunk definitely has some unique elements in it that I enjoyed quite a bit, even though they were sometimes frustrating with how difficult they can be. Obviously, the whole idea of Frostpunk is that you are the last survivors in a frozen world, so keeping your budding civilization alive and not freezing to death is of paramount importance. This can lead to some horribly unforgiving conditions, but no matter the result, it can still be very fun to get to that point. If you're looking for a good real time strategy game that isn't your typical city builder, I would recommend Frostpunk to you.

  • I finally got around to trying out Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice this year and I had some mixed reactions to it, but the content concepts that they incorporated, regarding mental health, was definitely something that interested and attracted me to it in the first place. Hellblade can be a very dark game, so I definitely agree with the content warnings that they provide for it, but it tells an engaging and unique story in between some challenging puzzles and sometimes frustrating gameplay. I feel like I would have enjoyed the game more, for what I've played of it thus far, if there wasn't any combat in the game, as it often for me took away from my enjoyment of the game, but I'd still like to try and come back to it in the future in order to finish it.

  • Remember how I've had this game on my list for the past two years now? Remember how I mentioned that you should (not) activate the L-Gates? Let me tell you how frustrating it is, then, when the AI players decide that THEY want to activate the L-Gates instead and you aren't advanced enough to be able to stop them from doing so. I played hours and hours of Stellaris this year because I love coming back to it, but I think the last match that I played of it involved the aforementioned story and I haven't been willing to go back to it yet since. I am positive I will play it more again, but I think the break is needed after that kerfuffle.