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@Jeust said:
" Eventually all prices rise. He just stated the obvious, and as Microsoft sure loves their money, it would be only natural for the price of Live to go up.   I didn't feel that as anything mindblowing.   About bringing the PC gamers, Microsoft has been on the market and as their policy to make advantageous deals for them and the developers they work with. Look at Activision, Rockstar, Remedy, Bungie, and that's what they are continuing to do. I don't think much will change, apart from the introduction of Kinetic.  "
This is probably where abouts I'm at on the entire subject. If I may re-iterate. 
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About a year ago the games industry's resident Economist, Michael Pachter, made the prediction that the price for Xbox Live Gold subscriptions would increase, everyone called him an idiot. I don’t believe I remember any person, including my self agreeing with his estimation. I more so don't remember having an opinion because it was just too far flung in the future. The proposition that Microsoft, after being overwhelmingly successful in most aspects, would increase the only other pure profit revenue they had seems extremely possible.

He proposed the idea that in order to bring PC gamers into the console market, Microsoft is going to need to put something that PC gamers can only get on the Xbox 360. Microsoft has only one thing that it can offer over the PC games that everyone has available: The online experience of specific games. These games of course are only accessible over Xbox Live Gold Memberships.

This is where I don’t see the logistics of this argument, at least brought into fruition with today’s announcement. If what Pachter said is true about Microsofts intent, wouldn’t this be counter-productive? Wouldn’t increasing the price of entry into a multiplayer experience (when PS3 or PC does it for free) only hurt the entrance of new consumers coming over? Even so, Microsoft has stated that they want to bring more PC support to the board. Maybe this whole 10 dollar increase is money they can put towards that, although I doubt Microsoft is struggling. 

Still, If I can quote twitter today @HardGoreGamer: "pachter should just wear a wizards hat wherever he goes. He's certainly earned the right to do so."
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@LiquidSaiyan3 said:

" Jebus I feel old. 

   Now get off my lawn "

It's okay, someone has to be the old coot. 
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 @habster3 said:


Localized Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, Yoshi's Island,... pretty good year, I guess.

I'm jealous. 
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So it’s 1987 and I don’t exist yet. However, the games industry is about to receive one of the two best (arguably) franchise installments of all time. Yes, Metroid and The Legend of Zelda are to be released in the summer of 1987 on the NES. I hadn’t been born when two of the greatest franchises, or even most of the great franchises. I was nonexistent for their birth.

So I started thinking about what was released in the games industry on the year of 1993. Turns out, not really much at all. I’m honestly kind of disappointed that there was nothing. My small glimmer of hope for something a little neat would have been released on the year of my birth.

OH well! But then…I found it! I found one glimmering gem of release that is interesting! Full of barrel rolls, frogs, and foxes. The one and only: Star Fox for the SNES. Yes! Something. One small victory over dozens of failures in 1993 in games. 

So, if you so please, do a little research and find out what released on your birth year, if it wasn’t 1993.
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I like the written form of your distress. It pleases me greatly. 

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@Mikemcn said:

@Rehehelly said:
" I find it weird that I love strip mining.  Then when you hit bedrock, grid mine. You get a ton of cobblestone for a fort and when you start grid mining, you get a load of ore too (potentially). "
I like making stupidly long underground tunnels for no good reason. Its weird, mining in the game sometimes just sorta pulls you in. "

I feel like minecraft has this weirdly sedative feeling when you start mining in a direction. The only thing that ever stops me is if I run out of pickaxes to be honest. Otherwise it's mine till the ends of My minecraft pseudo-earth. 
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That just seems dumb. 

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@SammydesinasNL said:
" @Nytrik: It's just that the object on the first few images on the right features the Dutch flag's colours (red, white and blue).  BTW is this game playable on a laptop? The free version that is. "
It'll pretty much run on anything, free or payed. But! I feel the survival mode they offer in the payed client is really really good! Not to..you know, shamelessly plug or anything. 
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@Mikemcn: I feel like the multiplayer is the true future of this game. Single-player drives you only so far.That, and it's just genuinely fun to sit on skype or vent with a bunch of friends and shoot shit while you build something truly awesome.