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Haha yeah they are just a little creepy. And as for the party I assume its halo party, since it was mentioned that she uses halo waypoint.

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I'm not quite sure which topic this should go under, so I'll just ask here.

This question is for those who play XBOX 360.

So a friend of mine says that she has been able to see her friends on her list and see their activity with previous parties. The example is that if I have a friend, she can see who invited someone to the party, as long as she is in said party, and see previous parties and who were in the party that day. I believe she said she uses halo waypoint (yes we are playing halo 4)

Is this possible? Or am I dealing with a hacker. Please help! If this is confusing, please ask questions. I'm not really good at explaining this.

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YES!!!! Thats it!!! Can't believe you found it. I thought it was some megaman game because the guy was blue. THANKS EVERYONE!!!!

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Hello people. I am new to this forum because I had a question about a game that may or may not exist. I remember playing it at some point in my life, but I can't really remember what the characters are called, and of course, what the game is called. I remember the cut scenes, and some of the game play, so I will do my best to relate to all of you my experience. Hopefully, you can tell me what this game is. The game reminded me of the Nintendo 64 graphics, but I'm not sure.

Scene 1 (I think) The ship with the main character in it somehow malfunctions. The ship looks kinda like a actual boat, but it flies in the air. Anyway, the ship has 3 people I think. The main character (boy), the other one is a girl, and their monkey. The first thing that happens when they land, is that there is a fire in the kitchen. Of course, the main character has to put it out. I believe the monkey was on fire too.

Scene 2: This is just a cut scene, but its a huge ship flying in the air, and the enemy (girl), does something to make the ship go down (malfunction), she breaks a window, which sucks all the air out, and leaves by the window. The ship continues to slowly fall out of the sky with many people on it.

OK, so thats all I really know, other than the main character explores the town they landed in, which is covered in snow. Like I said, this is all I remember, and I hope it will help in the best way possible. I never finished the game, and I really want to play it again, if it indeed is real.