Invasion Map: Escape From Canyon Bay

The goal of this map variant is to simulate a prison escape. It's can be played with the standard Invasion gametype, but I recommend modifying the rules and loadouts to your liking.
Here's the breakdown: 
Phase I: The Elites start will start out in their little box. There's a one way shield protecting them from being spawn killed. Spartans will have a spawn zone right across the hall.

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Once the Elites get past the Spartans, they will need descend this huge tower.
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The lowest point is a double room with a small hole in the center. You have to be careful falling through it. Aim for the red shield at the bottom, it's the only thing that can slow your descent enough to prevent instant death. You'll go though the shield and land in that bunker. Make your way though the tunnel and into the objective room. The only objective you can have in this phase is Territory, there is no flag.
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Phase II: Once you complete the objective 4 Mongoose spawn and the shield blocking your way will disappear. There are also 4 Rocker Launchers by some crates. Mongoose passengers may need them. Also note the plate in the center of the room. A objective object (flag or bomb) will spawn there if you want it to.
Race you way to the to the next objective at the beach. 

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Meanwhile your Spartan captors should kill themselves to get to their Phase II spawn point located above the canyon. Hopefully that's enough fire power to take down a few Mongoose riders.  Watch for the Launchers though. Warthog riders should move along the ridge and wait for the Elites to fly off. Take note of one of the prisons on the left, I'll get to those.
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If any of the Elites die in Phase II they will spawn in a prison near the objective. Once the objective is complete the prison shield will lower and 3 Falcons will spawn.
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Phase III: You will be directed to the final objective located on the Paradiso island. Like phase I, this must be a territory. Elites will have to exit their vehicles to capture the final territory (unless there's a setting that changes that) . If an Elite dies in this phase he will be spawned in the "Humiliation Chamber" located next to the Spartans spawn point. If all the Elites die, they are screwed. Spartans should notice the Golf Club in front of the prison.  
And that pretty much sums it up. I've never tested this with more than two people, so there are bound to be problems. I know for sure that the safe zones are kind of messed up. Also, there are no soft safe zones, so prepare to explode if the go out of bounds. Feel free to modify and improve this map.
Download here: