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@humanity said:

@devilzrule27 said:

He's telling you to use a wifi hotspot on your smartphone to connect your xbox to the internet. It's almost as asinine of a statement as Mattrick telling you to buy a 360 if you don't like the one's always connected policies.

How is it asinine? It means that if you go to that hypothetical cottage up in the woods with your XBO you will be able to get around the authentication.

You might not agree with the 24hr check-in policy but why would you be scoffing at their attempts to give players an alternative solution for when your internet goes down? I don't really like all their check-in stuff myself and despite being a huge 360 fan I think the PS4 has me more interested as of now - but people getting angry that they're trying to give options for working with their system are nuts. Everyone needs to get off this hostile wave with Microsoft. It's their system, it's their policies and their right to manage it how they want, and it's your choice to engage in that system or not.

The XBO is designed with the idea that you're always online. It's supposed to be a multimedia hub that sits in your house, in your living room and ties all your dumb electronics together. It's not designed to be taken to fighting tournaments, to your woodland cottage or to be moved around all that much for that matter not unlike like your Blu Ray player, your surround sound system or your TV. If that is something that does not sit well with your current gaming habits, then by all means don't buy it - but please let's all start acting a bit more civil. Microsoft is not the entire gaming industry. There is no need to boycott them or loudly proclaim how they're complete idiots ruining the gaming industry for everyone. There are other choices out there if you don't want to game the way Microsoft has decided they want their audience to game.

And it's my choice to spread my cheeks and shit all over their policy

Your right though, at least they have given people a workaround however clumsy and ham-fisted.

Would be better if they could do it via smart glass.

that would make this whole workaround a lot less clumsy & shitty

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Also, what's up with the whole toaster-kinect analogy? It doesn't make it any easier to explain.

instead of this camera doing this stuff this toaster does this stuff

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@blu3v3nom07 said:

Xbox One gamers unable to connect their console to a broadband connection can carry out the 24 hour check-in using a mobile phone, Microsoft corporate vice-president Phil Harrison has told The Telegraph.

"We do recognise there will be these very rare edge cases where for whatever reason your internet is down," said Harrison. "In my experience internet downtime lasts for seconds or minutes. In those few occasions you don't have access to your usual broadband connection, you could tether your Xbox to your mobile phone. The 24-hour ping takes kilobytes of data."

Oh really Phil? That's great to know, I'm glad the Xbox One will work in the vice presidents house

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are these dude's that out of touch/don't care?

Surprised this wasn't talked about alongside the whole 24hr ping home part. Did I miss it? This might've been enough to stop some dudes taking to forums

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@brendan said:

:D. Too bad that won't last forever, but pumped at the idea of how good games will look on consoles in the future.

it's going to be dicks when framerate returns to 360 & ps3 standards once these consoles run more taxing games. Maybe ~2 years from now :(

Once you go 60fps it's difficult to go back

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@humanity said:

@hailinel said:

@humanity said:

You'd think by 2013 people would stop complaining about how they think achievements are stupid.

Guess what, some people like them, they're not monsters or idiots - they're just people that like something different than you.

No one here is really complaining about achievements in general. But expanding achievements into the realm of rewarding early adopter purchases is ridiculous.

That is inherently complaining about achievements. How often do you get a new console launch? It's been 7 years since the last one. So theoretically 7 years from now when the next XBOX comes out, isn't it going to be neat to have a little XBO achievement? I just think it's completely harmless, much like achievements for watching TV shows or something. It's a fun little badge. Tons of people are going to pre-order regardless, it's cool to get a little thing on the side.

Why should an acheivement be granted explicitly for the act of paying money? They're a system devised for rewarding in-game accomplishment, not training people to go rushing to Gamestop and Amazon like howler monkeys demanding their cheevos.

Yeah, I think if had they left the achievement unannounced it would be a 'nice' surprise to early adopters. The fact that it's advertised & used as an incentive to spend $500 on day one leaves the impression that MS doesn't respect their consumers and believes dumbass trinkets will convince customers to fork over 1/2 their weekly wage. Can't say they were wrong, but it's still disappointing to see.

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From an IGN post:

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i think the overall consensus is it's worse than the original

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You should quit gaming.

Alternatively, you could grow a pair.


that's as real as it gets.