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 Colossal Cave Adventure and Star Trek on the mainframe at my Dad's office, summer '77.

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Oh and some of the other stuff, particularly @ Feichai up there, is entirely correct as well...

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@Geno said:

I type at 120 WPM with no errors. I have almost 200 games on Steam and play them on a computer than can run Crysis at max.

THAT is a beautiful thing - and you pulled it off in the FOLLOWING SENTENCE! Well played, sir. Well played...
Okay, okay, everything is SPELLED correctly.  :-)

@Geno said: 

Curiously, I'm incredibly up to date on tech; name a recent graphics card and I can list you the specs at the drop of a hat. I'm on the internet for at least half my waking hours. I love tech and can't imagine ever being out of touch with it. For what reasons and at what time do people just decide to isolate themselves from the world of technological advancement, possibly the most exciting and self-beneficial area of interest conceivable? 

1 - Full time job not in the tech field (in the vast majority of work environments XP is the latest operating system).
2 - Cook, clean, yard work, bills, sleep (you know, the little things).
3 - YOU (yes, it's your fault - trust me, when you have kids you'll see what I mea). 
Once you get out in the "real world" (if there is such a thing) and wind up with a full plate of responsibilities I suspect that you will (unless you are independently wealthy) NOT spend half your waking hours online (unless that is what you do for work) and you will have to persevere mightily to carve out time to play games.

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Younguns, sheesh...
Wizardry I-8 (I-IV played on both an Apple II and a PC. Yes, I finished Wiz 4 without getting hints, but I didn't get the GrandMaster ending until many years later when I found a walkthru)
Ultima I-IX (I-III, Apple and PC) 
SSI Gold box AD&D games. All of them (and played them all again when they released the collection on CD)
SSI Silver Box AD&D games (those were, I believe, the DragonLance ones)
Dungeon Master I and II (on both the Amiga and the PC)
Black Crypt (Amiga)
Bards Tale I-III (PC - does the Construction Set count too? :-) ) 
Made/published by Interplay? Probably. (I'll go with 90% of them here)
Made by Bethesda? Yes. (Yes, I played - and FINISHED - The Elder Scrolls: Arena)
Made by BioWare? Yes.
AD&D license? Yes (well, the PC ones - even the crappy remake of Pool of Radiance) 
All the Might and Magic games (ugh, they REALLY went downhill at the end)
And those are just the early ones, so you can (likely) guess what the rest of the list would look like... :-)
No MMOs, I know better, I'd probably never leave the house again.
Playing Torchlight right now. Mad fun Diablo style there (Yes, Diablo 1, 2, Hellfire and LoD should be up there).
And yes, I play JRPGs too, the earliest I can think of are:
Shining in the Darkness (Genesis)
Shining Force (Genesis) 
...and more recently...
Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door (GameCube)
Tales of Symphonia (GameCube)
I'm about to start working on some JRPGs on the 360 (Tales of Vesperia, Lost Odyssey, Eternal Sonata, etc. I came late to the current gen console party and was on the Nintendo side last gen with their remarkable dearth of RPGs relatively speaking)... never got into Final Fantasy for whatever reason though...

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Just got back from the store with the game in my hot little hands... That would go nicely with it... :-)

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Oo! Oo! Ooooo! Mr. Kotter! Ooooooo!

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What I want next:

Grim Fandango
Sam & Max Hit the Road
Full Throttle
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge
Escape from Monkey Island
The Curse of Monkey Island
Maniac Mansion
Maniac Mansion: Day of the Tentacle
Their Finest Hour: The Battle of Britain
Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders

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BioShock (finally I get around to it on the 360)
Tiger Woods 10 (Wii) when the 360 is taken over by my wife
Migrating the current TiVo drives to bigger drives on her computer (which is why she'll be on the 360 and not playing Fallout 3 DLC, since my floppy drive doesn't work)
Barbecuing a pork butt for pulling and eatin' with Eastern North Carolina sauce

Hot Dogs - Binkerts in Batimore (these are not "hot dogs", they are FRANKFURTERS and they are GREAT!) If you live anywhere near Baltimore you must try these (and their other sausages), it's no contest, www.binkerts.com (I drive up from DC to get them, the Fresh Bratwurst and Bauernwurst. They are THAT good.)