I hate Kotaku.

 Why the hell do I go to Kotaku?

It's a question I've been struggling with recently, but perhaps some back story in is in order?

Over the past month or so, I've been mostly reviewing my Internet-viewing habits. Internet shows I watch, forums I frequent, and even websites I visit have fallen under the dutiful eye of scrutiny. The more I've thought about what I do online, the more I've realized that about eighty percent of the sites I visit, the shows I watch, and the people I interact with are just pointless.

However, this particular post is about Special K. Kotaku. The Gamer's Guide. You know the place that has more typos than an ESL classroom's first lesson?

Or how about the one place where a creepy gaijin gets paid to write about schoolgirls in their underwear?

Yeah, you get the point.

Kotaku used to be a good website, I thought. Whenever I had found myself taking inventory of my news sources, I found myself putting Kotaku almost always to the top of the "keep" list. I'm not sure why, now that I think about it. It could have been the staff, although I don't like any of the writers. Or perhaps it had to do with the quality journalism, although most of Kotaku's posts seem to be two lines of text followed by a republished article, and a misleading headline or two.

Really, looking back, I have absolutely no idea why I've been going to Kotaku all this time.

I don't think it's for the community, though. The people over there, I've found, are not only rude and obnoxious, but they also slavingly pander to the staff of Kotaku as if the "journalists" were gods perched atop Olympus itself. The community at Kotaku also tend to treat comments as their own personal sounding board to bitch about anything. Just today there was a short post about Machinarium being on sale for $5.00. What's the first user comment?

Why of course, it's decrying people who pirate media as soulless, unfeeling monsters.

What bugs me about this is not that it is two-faced and hypocritical, but that the balls on the users of Kotaku are so big that they threaten to crush what little integrity the site has left. Seriously, whoever put it in the minds of the Kotaku faithful that piracy was anywhere near the same level as murder, rape, or even theft needs to have the concept of piracy explained to them. 

Of course, try arguing that with the Kotakuites and see how far it gets you.

Honestly, I think I'm done with that place. Giant Bomb's community may act like a bunch of "cool story bro" dicks sometimes, but the truth is that I'd take the fun and loose atmosphere of this site over that pseudo-intellectual wankfest that masturbates to pictures of Crecente's hair while discussing how intelligent they are.

So I guess, uh, long live the Bomb.