Hey Old Man Light, how are things?

Things are good! Been a while since i've put some words up here so I thought it time to do so.

Life has been...different...lately. Had our 3rd kid earlier this year and i've been fighting tooth and nail to maintain good daddy/husband/employee status while still keeping up on some of the great games that have come out this year. Late at nights are usually when i can put together some good gaming sessions since my wife works early so she's usually asleep like the kids. Family is something that usually keeps me very busy, but far from annoying and i rightfully feel like a shithead if i ever think that way.

I'm finally off the multiplayer shooter "crack pipe" so that's allowed me to play some great single player / co-op games in the past few months i'd probably have ignored if i'd been as into the current crop of multiplayer shooters the way i was into CoD4 and each subsequent one. I have to say it feels good to not WANT TO play the current Call of Duty for a change. Even traded some of my old CoD games to "that evil game store" for some credit toward some new stuff. My desire to not take away from my family's money far outweighs my desire to get the new awesome game. Look at me being a grown-up.

What stuff you may ask? Well i'll tell you. Been playing Borderlands 2, XCom, Dishonored, Mark of the Ninja, and just this weekend, picked up "Sleepy Dogs" for my personal computer on sale on amazon f for the mere price of $18.74 over the weekend. Sleeping Dogs is great, but my old GTX 260 is beginning to show it's age with that game so i heavy sigh as i begin to ponder how i will afford a $200 video card that will last me another couple years.

Borderlands 2 has been a lot of fun but it's a bummer that nobody's figured out a way to balance out a heavily co-op, loot driven, RPG so that people various levels can play together in the same game and people are being rewarded accordingly. I couldn't help but think of how gears of war had that discrete difficulty setting for their co-op where one player could be on easy and the other could be on hard or how diablo 3 had coded their co-op so everyone saw different loot drops for their own character. Seems like there may have been ideas there that could fix these problems that seem to crop up in every co-op action RPG but i digress.

The main bummer for me with Borderlands 2 has been my CoD Xbox Live friends glitching saves and duplicating items in order to hit the level cap and have the best guns as quickly as possible. The even found a way to accidentally ruin my first playthrough by overleveling me so skipped roughly 20-30 optional missions at the end just to start earning XP again.

The last thing i'll say, that i'm happy to share is that i've finally found TV shows i enjoy again. After a long hiatus of not being able to commit to a TV show for not being able to watch it. I've plowed through the first 4 seasons of Sons of Anarchy and i'm loving watching each new episode of season 5. That show is badass. The next wrong i'm writing in my TV pile of shame is me catching up on The Walking Dead. I'm about halfway through the first "season" if you can call it that and i'm pretty impressed and that's not just because i grew up in GA and see a lot of familiar landscape. After that, i gotta check out breaking bad.

That's about it for me.

Hope all is well with you fellow GBers and thanks for the always entertaining and most of the time helpful posts from the message boards.

I'll be playing Halo 4 in a few weeks and begrudgingly playing Black Ops 2 because that's what CoD junkies do. Maybe hit me up if we're gonna do a community thing.