Avenging Spirit and me.

So I recently downloaded Avenging Spirit from the 3DS eShop because back in the days of hanging out at my grandparent's house after school during the middle of a frigid winter, my thing was playing Game Boy platformers. Oh sure, I played other games. RPGs mostly. But I was a platformer fanatic first and foremost. So Avenging Spirit, a game I missed the first time around, was naturally of great interest to me.

Possessed gangster dudes always make good fighters.
Possessed gangster dudes always make good fighters.

Well here's the problem: Avenging Spirit isn't that good. Now this is something I knew I was risking by spending actual money on a random Game Boy platformer that had apparently been forgotten even by time itself. But hey, testing it out was fun, right? Right. It's not bad, really. It's a standard-issue Game Boy game with the character-possessing thing tossed in. Here's the problem though: the characters you posses are all sort of boring and generic, and towards the final stages the game's difficulty level starts to get incredibly frustrating, with things like one-hit deaths and enemies that are almost impossible to avoid. What I'm saying is that once the difficulty level goes up, the game goes from "acceptable" to "irritating" and you'll probably just want to finish it and get it over with.

Now I'd like to write a formal review, but I don't know how I feel about reviewing a six-level game that I never completed. It kind of annoys me too because normally I don't give bad reviews because I research the Hell out of something before I spend money on it. Maybe writing a bad review for once would be fun? Or different, I don't know. But I haven't actually finished the game because the last levels are such a boring pain in the ass. So if I never get around to finishing it, just let me assure you that Avenging Spirit isn't very good. At least unless you have a high tolerance for repetition. It's not really even a decent museum piece because apparently this game never caught on with anyone anywhere. About all you can say for it is that it's interesting for a little while.