Scrambling to finish Pushmo.

The main character's name is
The main character's name is "Mallo," not "Pushmo." It took me forever to get this.

Pushmo is a cool game. I'm with the rest of the Internet on this one. I have no complaints about it whatsoever. Well, okay, I have an issue with the level editor. I'm not so good at it. That's not really a problem with the editor of course, that's my fault. As a person who pretends to be creative that's kind of frustrating. Maybe I'd develop a feel for it with practice? Ha! As if.

Anyway, I'm just a tad ashamed to admit that I haven't actually finished it. Nope. I'm not even close to the end. I'm somewhere near the very end of the "Nintendo Murals" section. I've been going at it randomly for months, trying to finish stages here and there. Doesn't mean I don't enjoy the game. I'm even starting to develop a feel for it, breezing through puzzles I had difficulty solving just a few weeks ago. Still, there's work to be done. I haven't read up on what the last two sections of the game are. Not a clue, didn't want to spoil it for myself. So I have no idea what lies ahead or how long it'll take me to complete such a thing. Pushmo is the kind of puzzle game that can stop you short, and force you to spend an hour on one puzzle that annoys the dickens out of you. This is a real problem in game that's usually designed for short bursts of playtime.

This is a hair inconvenient because in case you haven't heard, Pushmo has a sequel coming out this month. Cool, right? I think it's cool. As a person who enjoys Pushmo I'm eager to get my hands on this. The only problem is that I haven't finished the original, and I find it kind of embarrassing to head into the followup this way, even though they're clearly different games. This is a really minor frustration, I know. Could it not even be worth writing about? Maybe I've just wasted two minutes of your time? Ha! And you thought putting in the effort to read this was going to be worth it.