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Fulfill your dream of sorting luggage at a major airport. 0

"Airport luggage sorter" probably wouldn't be the first concept most people would think about when they pondered ideas for a video game. And yet that's exactly what you get to be in Aero Porter on the 3DS. Sorting through luggage and sending it off to it's assigned destination is the name of the game, succeed and you get more luggage. Fail and you get a talking-to, and more luggage to sort.Oh sure, it LOOKS simple now...There isn't much more to the game than the luggage sorting. When you begin ...

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A Game Boy classic now for cheap. 0

The rough streets of "BIG CITY."The original Donkey Kong arcade game might not seem like such an easy title to update at first. After all, most arcade games are based on high scores and extreme repetitiveness. In addition, you might think that there is only so much mileage that a game could get out of the original's "climb to the top of a stage while avoiding obstacles" format while trying to pad it out as a full package. With Donkey Kong '94 though, Nintendo managed to change things up by turni...

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Mario leaps into the third dimension. 0

Super Mario 3D Land may be the first game to truly replicate the feel of the original side-scrolling Mario games in three dimensions. Super Mario 64 was more of an adventure game, Super Mario Sunshine refined these adventure game elements but at the same time brought the series closer to the original platformers, and the Mario Galaxy series almost brought the series all the way back to its roots, only with the strange gravity-centered gameplay. In Super Mario 3D Land however, you're tasked with ...

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Samus' debut, in downloadable form. 0

For the start of such a popular series, it might be difficult to see what the appeal was to the original Metroid on the NES. Compared to later games in the series, it’s a massive technical step backwards, to the point where Samus cannot even aim downwards, much less diagonally. This game lacks a map, most of the weapon upgrades that were found later in the series, and features a difficulty level so punishing that it might cause some players to quit before they manage to finish what can actually ...

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Kirby starts out. 0

Apples are the efficient way to travel in Dream Land.Kirby’s Dream Land is the very first Kirby game, the one that introduced most of the recurring characters in the series and the most basic of Kirby’s abilities. Here he is limited to inhaling his enemies and flying. It does not include the ability to copy enemies’ attacks, or even run, slide, or use his water gun ability when swimming. Other than that, Kirby’s Dream Land plays almost exactly like any other Kirby title. It is a little more diff...

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This collection almost seems designed for the 3DS shop. 0

For four dollars, Game & Watch Gallery 2 is very reasonably-priced. The six games included in the package (twelve if you count the “Modern” and “Classic” versions of each) are all designed to be time-wasters that you instantly pick up during a bus ride or in a waiting room. Now that they can be bought for cheap and installed directly onto your 3DS system, you can instantly play them whenever you have the time to spare.Cartoon umbrella not included.Game & Watch games are almost all about ...

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Luigi tiptoes into the spotlight. 0

Luigi’s Mansion is a long shot from other Mario games. Instead of action and platforming, the focus of this game is on exploration, atmosphere, and puzzle-solving. It’s a much slower-paced game as a result of these differences, meaning that it doesn’t much feel like a Mario game at all, something that might turn you off if you expect every Mario adventure to play like a straight platformer. If you enjoy playing around with a game that explores the personalities of Mario characters a bit more and...

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Amateur developers get their chance to make games on the DS. 0

When playing a video game, it's almost inevitable that at some point you are going to run out of new things to see and do. Wario Ware: DIY helps to combat that by giving you the opportunity to make your own stuff and download more stuff that people all over have created. The game ships with just under a hundred microgames to use as examples of of what can be done with the creation tools, and to harvest for objects and sounds to use in your own ideas. Then it leaves you on your own to decide what...

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This Dragon Quest is one of the best. 0

   One of the traits of the Dragon Quest series is that things don't really change that much from title to title.  Sure, the plot and most of the characters move around, but for the most part the series' defining characteristics stay the same. The art style is pretty much the identical to the others before and after it. There are castles to visit, dungeons to explore while on a quest for some vital item, and of course the endless level grinding to make sure that your party is strong enough to h...

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You got your puzzle game in my platformer! 0

When you play Henry Hatsworth on the Nintendo DS, you might get the feeling that the platforming and the puzzle game might not be so much fun on their own, yet for some reason combining them makes them more exciting. The platforming parts are pretty good, but they over-rely on sections where your progress is halted while you are forced to take on gangs of enemies that you've already fought dozens of times. The puzzle game is rather simple, you can only swap pieces horizontally and it's basically...

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A solid Kirby game. 0

People should know to just expect solid outings from Kirby games these days. Kirby: Squeak Squad isn't a revolutionary Kirby game, it's just an incredibly well-designed game. The only really unique elements that are added to this game are the Squeaks, a band of rodent thieves who cause trouble for our hero Kirby throughout the game, and the ability to store items and copy abilities on the DS' touch screen. Other than that you should know what to expect from this game if you've ever picked up a K...

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Fun, but you'd better like retro gaming. 0

If you like retro gaming, chances are that you got really excited when you heard about Retro Game Challenge and got even more excited when you started seeing the first media that slipped onto the 'net. The final product doesn't exactly disappoint, but it's not really that deep. There really aren't more than five games here, which means that things really can get repetitive quickly. Haggle Man and it's first "sequel" are almost entirely the same. Rally King's "special edition" followup Rally King...

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A fun platforming game. 0

Drill Dozer is a fun little game because it requires you to use the drill mechanic in clever little ways, like as a means of suspension or as something for climbing a cliff. When you use it in combat you may find yourself wondering if it's better used as a battering ram against a group of enemies or if you'd be better off using it to bounce off of one foe to the next. You won't be terribly confused by anything in this game though, most of the puzzles can be figured out fairly quickly. On top of ...

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