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OlDrtyBstrd: Favorites

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  • Fucking Epic...really.

  • didn't get into half-life as much, but loved tf2 and portal

  • Possibly my favorite game of all time, from my favorite franchise of all time. From its first reveal at E3 I knew it was going to be rad, and I'm not just saying that. I knew the format of the COD franchise well enough to realize that fighting along side dozens of allies in a Black Hawk Down inspired Middle Eastern setting would be GOY material.

  • I suck at this game, I mean I REALLY suck. But the thing about this is that you pretty much have to appreciate the competitiveness of CS if you want call yourself I serious PC gamer.

  • I pretty much spent all of my middle school years addicting to this damn game, so its on the list

  • I think that this might have been the first game I've ever played, or at least one of the first. While the memories of this one are vague, I know that the splitscreen was fucking blast, and that there were a lot of rockets flying around.

  • I've always had an odd, unexplainable love for skateboarding games. This probably stems from the fact that I could never do real skateboarding, but hey, pro skater one is close enough....RIGHT?!?!?

  • My favorite franchise of all time, and this was the start of it all.

  • On the drums I can almost imagine what it is like for people who actually have the tenacity to play a real instrument...almost....

  • One of the craziest games I've played, I mean seriously, when you are hitting Andrew Ryan with that golf club, you know there's something magical about this one.

  • The game that made me feel okay about sucking at real instruments.