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Fuck Dave Lang.

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A guilty pleasure

Yesterday I finished a game in co-op. My buddy was my trusty wing-man beatle2035, a guy I have rinsed a couple of Halo's, some GoW, battered in numerous online fighters and generally gamed with since back in the day playing Tekken & ISS. The game we played and finished we got a lot of pleasure from, and that game was Hunted: The Demons Forge.  
I'd go so far as to say that was some of the best fun I have had playing games in 2011, and we have had some great games, probably much better games actually, published this year, but Hunted was a ton o' fun. Why? 
Well co-op is always better than solo. This applies to games as much as it does to sex, although you can get a lot out of a marathon session of FF or 20 minutes on the darker parts of the internet too. Hunted gave us teamwork, puzzles to solve, epic battles and kewl loot. It also gave us a bewildering array of glitches and bugs that included floating items, lost audio, invisible enemies, jarring cuts and general wtf moments. Some bad QA went down during the development of that game or they just ran out of time and said fuck it. Surprised it made it past cert to be honest, but I'm glad it did.  They worked the UE3 engine well and got some tight level design going. The artists did a great job. 
If you see this game going cheap and you have a buddy to play with, pick this up and get busy. I think you'll enjoy it.