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Games that take place underwater

I was looking at Patrick's Reef Shot QL and it got me to thinking about some the best games that took place underwater. So let's do this!

List items

  • This game was the nuts. It was dreamy yet had some great combat bits in it. Loads of hidden err.. treasures and it looked pretty amazing on the ol' PS1. A forgotten gem.

  • James Pond, Hell Yeah! An underwater platforming legend back in the day, this little guppy had 3 games, all of which were great.

  • Sir! Cavitating! This game taught me what Cavitation was, and why it was bad. Forget your Silent Hunters, this was the submarine simulation for me. I spent hours listening to some pings trying to determine if it was an enemy ship or some innocent fishing vessel. A game where you could spend an hour silently getting to your target, ascertaining your target was actually a target, firing a volley of torpedoes and then silently disappearing again. Brilliant!

  • This is more like it! Just diving about looking at the pretty fish and stuff. Like it says. Dive. Discover. Dream. What more do you need to know?

  • No underwater game is complete without Dolphins, and here is the king of them all, Ecco. He was like Sonic, but he swam and he wasn't as fast. He was still kind blue though. And he didn't wear sneakers. Well DUH! He didn't have any feet.

  • An early 3DS game that could have been the beginning of a mighty new franchise but sadly was lacking in content and just a bit dull all around really. It had this cool bit at the end of each level where you looked through a periscope and spun around your lounge like a fool trying to shoot stuff. I doubt we shall see a sequel. It was definitely underwater though.

  • Almost as pointless as Fluid, which it does share some common ground. An early one from the great Jenova Chen. Good to put on in the spare room at parties.

  • Ok not strictly set underwater but you spend a lot of the game being under the water so it goes in ok? You don't agree make your own list. Yeah that told you! Gosh another game that didn't really deliver. The developers talked a good talk but when the walking came they umm.. sank. Or whatever.

  • Was this really a game? Perhaps it is better described as audio toy? Also known as Depth in Japan it involved a dolphin poking at audio samples to play them. A sort of sequencer/chill out thing. Cool. Never came out in the US apparently? Say what now?

  • Another aqua diving game which never saw the light of day in the US but was released in the Japan and the EU. Why America, WHY?!?

  • A neat little indie number where you are this underwater sea faery sort of girl who can sing and stuff. Surprisingly, it has a lot of depth. You see what I did there?

  • Sorta like Descent but in the water. 'nuff said.