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About the Life Game

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Hello everyone. I'm Ali Dal. The lead developer of the Life Game. Our new life simulation game will be released as early access on Steam on 16th November 2018, Friday.

We are happy to announce that because this kind of game was in our mind since we were child and finally we can see how gamers will react.

As a small team, even for the early access we worked hard to add much content as much as we can and hope you enjoy it. The game's price will be around 3.99$ - 4.99 dollars (depending on the country you live). We think that it is very cheap to compete with other similar games like the Sims series. And the one difference is our expansion packs will be totally free forever as long as the more gamers buy this game. We need your help at this point to keep going to develop this game more and we decided to ask all the gamers who buy this game, what should we update or what features and contents should we add. In short, we will continue to develop this game according to the gamers desires from this point.

Even though it might be the first total life simulation in First Person view, it contains both simulation and survival mechanics. You will be able to create your own characters and you are totally free to do what you want in an open world. -Build your house, find your job, find your soul-mate and get married, have children, buy furnitures and place them wherever you want, buy your car and drive wherever you want and park it into your garage, go shopping and put them into your cars baggage to bring them into your house, or use cell phones, use PC for on-line shoppings, use every furnitures at the house for sleeping, pooping (yeah gross), taking a shower, eating etc. You main aim is meeting the needs of your character/s, while doing that you will enjoy the richness of countless activities you can do in the game. We believe that we give a better perspective on life simulation because you don't tell your character what they do, you will have the feeling actually you are doing similar to the GTA games with one difference. Every objects are interactable.

By the way the current video seems not good because we made it months ago when the game was not totally ready,we will make a better one before the release, so that you may have a better idea about the game, if you visit our Steam page by the 15th November

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Here is the link:

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