relentless energy drink ruined

One of my favourite drinks have by runid by the overloads at coke cola relentless tropical and the orange flavour witch both have on the can "New refreshing flavour".

witch sloud of been "New SHIT flavour".

The orange can taste absolutely nothing like the relentless inferno any more with its tangy sour orange taste, it tastes like CHEAP ORANGEADE , absolutely disgusting

Tropical is much more of set back as was one of the best fruit mixed energy drink iv every had infarct its the best fruit fizzy soft drink in the know world its 50 % juice and 50% relentless normal it was like drinking carbonated fresh Margo and orange juice with kick of sweet tang man insane.

the new is cheap knock of lite

i dont see coca cola resoing behind the move . any of you uk peeps try them?