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30 Day Challenges - Day 02

Music day 02 - Least Favorite song

I really hate how stupid american English microsoft windows keeps changing my spelling to 'favorite' - ah well. 
On the surface this was a hard one - theres a lot of really awesome music out there, unfortunately for every awesome song - there are 12 shite ones! so narrowing it down to any one track is no easy task.  
However whilst it may seem like an easy target, the realization that of said 12 bad songs per good - 8 of those are usually written by Nickleback - revealed that holy shit! this aint too hard at all! The real hard part is choosing which mundane soul-less by the numbers wankstain of a track i could offer up! 
 Eventually decided on this track for the sheer fact of its "purely written to appear in a sofa sale advert" pacing - and the fact that Chad and co. are about as interesting and 'rock star' like as porridge. and that taking a 12 year old pre-pubescent view of fame - and wrapping it up in the most drab tones imaginable and offering it as a "with the subtleness of a sledgehammer" critique of the industry - does not a good song make Chad.     

Football day 02 - Least favorite match


Sat in Anthony Records living room, drinks in hand, celebrations flowing and ready to knock the old enemy out of the cup. Or not :(