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Black ops, choppahs, moustaches and Kindey stones

 Wow, okay so here we go again, 3rd time is a charm! After having a huge ramble about chrome dying on me and making me lose 30 minutes of blogging - as my intro to the second attempt at blogging - chrome died again, so typing in notepad is how we shall do this, and everything else shall be hyperlinked in after!
So heres to attempt Number 3, I got Dylan on the Itunes and a cold one in front of me, lets take this shit on the road!

Now I'm not much of a blogger, in fact i have a pretty short attention span compared to most , and when I sit and think how awesome it would be to type up all this shit in my mind I also think "Fuck it" and then go play vidjya games!
However lately I have had a lot of time on my hands, like - a LOT of time! I'm currently in my fourth week off of work due to being infested with Kindey Stones - I'm not going to go into massive detail about it and besides, a pretty intense account and respons thread has already been made present.

As someone that absolutely DESPISES their job I am an avid supporter of time off work in any shape or form, but after all this time, I am fucking BORED STIFF! I have a pile of games left to play the length of my hair - but because my mrs wants to watch me play them all (video game stories have replaced soap operas for her due to all the exposure ive given them, can't decide if that's a good or bad thing) I cant play them. So it's sitting around now waiting for the hospital to tell me when they are going to operate and hopefully confirm and remove the stones - or tell me it isn't stones and then even more time off (hurray :s).

So yeah, I got time to kill and not much to do with it! My pile of games is reaching critical mass, and theres not a lot i can do about it to clear them up :-
CastleVania Lords of shadow
Call of Duty Black Ops
Fallout New Vegas
Mass Effect 2
Red Dead
Fifa 11
Just cause 2
Final fantasy 13
3d dot game heroes
Mod nation racers
Pac man Dx
Lara Croft and the Guardian of light
Sam and max season 3
Honestly there is probably a ton more that i have forgotten, but i've noticed that (apart from black ops) I am more than able to blaze through a FPS game in a matter of a week and get the platinum / S rank i desire, but anythign more than that seems to make me lose interest as soon as the next thing arrives - i get the feeling i should be more concerned about that than i actually am.
So the natural thing to do is to go and preorder Gran Turismo 5 as well, I actually despair of myself some times.
Anyway i spent yesterday afternoon talking to  - wait a minute, I've just realised all the 'Embed' tools on the site are down, well that's a bit shite! alright nevermind I'm working in notepad anyway, where was I? Ah yes I was talking to Sweep! about some of the finer English traditions we have partaken in over the years and we got to the subject of blogging which is an art that man has down to a SCIENCE! I came to realise that i really have not blogged very often other that to share a purchase, or one lengthy morality based blog when i must have been in a fruity mood.
Sweep convinced me that maybe there was more to life than sitting and watching clips of Kindergarten cop all afternoon (something i had been doing that day) and maybe I could be doing something more productive, so I thought fuck it, lets do this shit.
I'm not sad though, one cool by product of this is that i get to post Kindergarten cop clips throughout the rest of the blog!

Besides the Kidney stones thing's actually dont look too bad! i finally moved out from the hell hole i lived in with my parents and now own my own place (well ok, me and the mrs share it but she knows who the boss is!) Admittedly it took my parents breaking up, my dad trying to burn my mother alive and going to jail and everything going a bit tits up to make me realise that maybe i should get the hell outta dodge! And yes now i've comitted myself to a monthly fee i need to pay - i HAVE to stay at the job i hate :( but you work with what you've been given and when god gives you lemons YOU GET A NEW GOD 
- and i figure i've salvaged an alright result from a pretty terribad situation.

 Probably the greatest thing about this new place is how awesome my gaming setup now is! Before hand i was wedging a 47 inch screen, all my consoles and a surround sound into what was basically a fucking box room. It was just about bearable but not ideal!

 Old joint
 Old joint

This new place is still pretty small (recession dawg) however its just a lot tidier for all my shit! My surround speakers are now in surround places and i no longer go blind while playing!  

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Admittedly i still need to find a decent place for my consoles - however I'm confident that for now, the floor shall suffice. 

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 And the less said about the pile of cables keeping my internet running, and the trailing surround cables across the floor - the better,  but hey for a start it's alright ! i keep it clean, tidy, the mrs does the cooking, and then bitches whenever i have one of my bi-weekly fifa nights.

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Things could be worse.

So one game i DID manage to get around to completeing was the newest Medal of Honor and you know what? it was not as bad as i was lead to believe by a lot of people.
I mean it was short, and tier one was complete BS, but I actually really enjoyed the multiplayer on it even if it was a bastard child between Battlefield and CoD.
The offensive and defensive streaks were a great idea, and having overall team input contribute to them rather than solely kills was another good idea.

The weapons just felt a little off i guess, though the sound was (as always form dice) phneomenal, seriously that studio knows how to make good sounding games and they really dont get enough credit for it!
The single player was not too bad i guess, there was one mission in particular that was fucking Ace - the last 10 minutes of the 'Belly of the beast' mission had a knot in my stomach tighter than anything an fps has thrown at me so far, obviously no spoilers and all that jazz but i thought that part was really well implemented, and totally sticks out as a part fo the game i'll remember - which is a victory in itself for the game i guess!
I'll get a review up sometime soon or something.

Seeing as we are on the FPS trail i might as well throw this little snippet in here, I am LOVING black ops, i mean i havent really touched the single player yet, been too busy whoring the shit outta the mutliplayer (once i finally got my ps3 in a dmz - only way i could play with friends) and man Treyarch really thought a lot of shit through on this one, every gripe i had about mw2's multiplayer (which i played and prestiged for several hundred hours) has been banished - like thoroughly!

The fact that killstreaks dont effect eachother, the fact that the perks are arranged in such a way that they balance eachother out! The fact that grenade launchers stop you form being naded at spawn by being held back for a few seconds ; the fact that CoD points basically make it like my other favourite FPS of all time, COUNTER STRIKE! and it has motherfucking GUN GAME!
- the fact that the customization options are above and beyond what many fps's outside of halo offer, and the awesome theatre mode, It's just really impressed me how well though out stuff is (now that it's actually working)

Speaking of theatre mode, I totally have one gripe with the multiplayer, the fucking gunship man! i know a nuke was a game ender and that has been removed, but jesus christ every time I get a gunship it is game over!!

I managed to rip 3 videos from my gameplay yesterday showing how fucking ridiculous the gunship is heres nuketown :- 


And okay I guess nuketown is a small map so that kind of devastation is warranted but what about on a larger map? say.... WMD?

Nope it's still ridiculous - and even more so when you can get the damned thing in a care package - but you know what? Imma troll you here and say im lying - i actually love the gunship there is NO excuse for getting raped by this shit, all it takes is someone on your team of up to 9 people to pull out a missile launcher and then BAM my play time is over.

As you can see in the videos that never happens, maybe people are retarded that i get matchmade to, but god-damn no one has every killed my gunship and the match hsa always ended!
First thing i do when I see a chopper in the air is think of Ryan davis, then pull out my strela and the asshole slucky to get a kill - and i get 400xp 


Anyway i should probably wrap this shit up, but before i do, we are nearing the end of the month, how is your no shave november going?
Admittedly i cheated and shaved about 5 days into it when i got admitted to hospital ( i needed something to do, those places suck!) but as of this morning im getting back to my standard facial fuzz - dont think it'll reach critical mass in time, but it's getting there!. 

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Anyway that's that, i'm not gonna make a stupid promise like 'IMMA BLOG ONCE A MONTH' because i'll be back at work (or back in hospital) next month and have no idea how much time i'll have, but this has killed a couple of hours for me and in that i think it's justified.