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Finally received my tournament edition stick!!

So I'm probably a little behind the curve here (read as - very far behind) - but today i finally received my Street Fighter Tournament stick!  
 This probably barely qualifies as news amongst the sf4 community, most of which will have snapped up their sticks as soon as readily available - however it;s been a long and windy road to get to this stage for me, and i feel happy enough in order to make a lengthy blog post - so there! 
So i pre-ordered Street Fighter 4 when it was released for my Ps3 - and decided to shell out for the Special edition (totally not worth it by the way) i got the awesomeness of the game itself - however the 'street scene and action figures' have never left the wrapper, and the animated film is - ummm, i have no idea where that went! 
So after playing Street fighter 4 for a couple of months i was getting pretty proficient at the game and had all the trophies for the game barring the Trials (seriously, fuck those) and was considering buying a Stick to help improve my game, the beef being that :- 

  • They are incredibly expensive
  • They were Damn hard to come across due to the random Arcade stick shortage of 2009
Yes over here in England they sold out almost immediately, and 2nd hand (read as touting bastards) were selling at 300/400 pounds +! 
So i plodded on with my dualshock and enjoyed myself, until eventually other games started coming out and i ended up falling behind the more skilled players, the guys i played with on my friends list moved on and playing against randomers occasionally resulted in (my) tiger destruction. 
So fast forward a year later and i had acquired a 360 to sit by my baby  - and a new opportunity to get into SF4 arises with Super being released, a fair few of my friends pick up the 360 version so i decide yeah why the hell not and slam down the dollar to get that version - after a few days im getting back into the swing of things, and loving the new characters, Ibuki, dudley, codey being my favourites so far- however as i'm sure you guys know, the 360 D-Pad fucking SUCKS DUDE 

Despite my sparring partner - Tanuki - and his best efforts, i was still getting my ass handed to me over and over and over - simple things such as cancels and charges and quarter circle moves were suddenly dices with death and lady luck as to whether the d-pad would do what i wanted it to, or whether it was gonna make it up as it went along. 
So a little bit of soul and price searching led to this being at home today after i finished work :- 

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There was a random Black cat on my bed right next to where i keep my lucky cardboard box, i decided to keep the cat and call him Kato.  
No in seriousness, my TE stick had arrived, i decided to tear it open and take the obligatory opening pictures to post - beaming with giddy pride as i saw the awesome presentation  

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So now i get to learn how to play and suck all over again - though hopefully it will be more bearable than trying to do two successive half backs - not even gonna mention any of guiles ultras  -_- using the standard d-pad. Im fully aware its gonna take a while to adjust  - and im  now gonna have to buy any fighting game that comes out to justify my purchase  - but ill be damned if it wasnt worth it just for the awesome factor and how sexy it looks next to my other equipment! 

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