Year in Finished Games: 2016

I want to play my PS2 and GOG backlog games. I've said that for 4 years straight. Probably won't happen, but whatever.

List items

  • Finished February 2016: I played it in a few sittings. It honestly didn't leave much of an impression on me. The relationship never felt believable or worth investing in. The art was pretty.

  • Finished March 2016: I played this for 115 hours and was tempted to start new game+ immediately after finishing my first run. Great game. The mechanics felt good. The systems are quirky enough to be interesting. The story is incredibly ambitious and weird. Great overall experience.

  • Finished March 2016: It fell apart near the end. Otherwise an interesting narrative.

  • Finished April 2016: After 80+ hours, I'm ready to put this down. Super addictive. I might pick it back up when enough mods come out to extend the content.

  • Finished April 2016: A neat little 8 hour Saints Row experience. Had I expected a full sequel I would have been disappointed.

  • Finished May 2016: Did not expect this to take 60 hours to complete. A spiritual successor to the Syndicate games. Very challenging but rewarding game. Great ending to a game.

  • Finished August 2016. I must have played this off and on for over a year on the PSP. I was really impressed by this game when it came out 20 years ago. I am happy I finally got to finish it. I mostly followed a guide to ensure I got the 108 recruitable characters. Looking forward to Suikoden II, which is supposed to be much better.

  • Finished October 2016. I have no idea how this took me 145 hours to complete. It felt like 20 hours was spent organizing my inventory alone. I really liked most aspects of the game. The overall narrative was unique and the combat was challenging. I think I would have preferred a shorter, more focused experience. Some of the maps were too large and there were one too many random puzzles to progress.

  • Finished November 2016. I really enjoyed everything about Nier because it felt like a completely unfinished game. The story, battle system, and flow felt like rough sketches of a much larger, more ambitious game. I played through the three times to get the full story.

  • Finished December 2016. I have such a love/hate relationship with the Yakuza series. As an open world game they're not that fun, but as a melodramatic linear story game they're really quite good. This one was particularly melodramatic with the orphanage family drama at its center. I avoided most side stories and mini games (Haruka's trust level was an F and completion total was only 12.43%) but I enjoyed my 30 hours with the game.

  • Finished December 2016. I needed a short game to play during the Christmas break and since this game takes place on Christmas Eve 1997 (the very day I got the Playstation console I played this game on). I watched my little brother play this almost 20 years ago and I didn't remember how much characters talk about semen.