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A technically excellent game marred by fundamentally broken story 0

It's like someone took the Mass Effect 3 ending and made an entire game out of it.That's harsh, but I can explain: Mass Effect 3 was released a while back, the culmination of years of planning hundreds of gameplay hours. During the final sequence, the logical consistency breaks down, inexplicable character(s) are introduced, and everyone was left scratching their heads. Bioware stood behind their story, however, and released an extended cut, filling in the bits and pieces everyone at Bioware alr...

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RRXX - A lot of love but little thought. 0

Let's get this out of the way: Rumble Roses XX is a strange beast. As soon as you get into a match, you realize just how much dedication went into capturing animations and tweaking 3D models so they'd come out just right, however that wears off soon after the match ends as you take a look around and realize there is no metagame.Even though you're given the trappings of what should be a career mode with wrestler popularity and ultimately a shot at the title belt, you get no feedback. There is zer...

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