Exorbitant download speeds, Kick-Ass and not much more!

 I've been a long time peruser of Giantbomb, I've just somehow never felt the urge to integrate with the community (I'm changing my antisocial ways!) but you guys are just too awesome. So I've decided to just throw up an occasional blog so I can feel at one with the Duder Force. For now though, I'm creating excuses to sit in front of my laptop which has developed an increasingly worrying habit to overheat CONTINUALLY. I swear I've nearly burnt my hands from lifting it up. But I digress.       

Time wastin' 

With the recent Steam sale on all Bethesda products, I managed to pick up a copy of Oblivion. It was six dollars, SIX. I almost felt compelled to pick it up at that price, compared to the $100 or so Australian Dollars I dropped on it at launch. Steam is slowly becoming my expensive mistress, a dark secret whose cancerous intentions slowly eat away at the finite resources of my command. But come on, SIX DOLLARS. Finally managing to download Oblivion after a long wait (go go Australian internet!) I booted it up and promptly shut it down several minutes afterwards. For some reason, I felt intensely guilty. Whenever I logged on, it's lonely, undusted icon stared at me with a callow grace. Finally submitting, I ran the game again. I managed to kill a bunch of dudes, lost interest and promptly exited the application. It's something of a continuous cycle. But while I can't complain, I can certainly create a long and self indulgent blog post about it!  

Speaking of Steam..

While I was looking around on my download page, I found a slightly amusing bug that I couldn't help but giggle at given my situation.   

No Caption Provided

 At the moment, it takes me around seven minutes to load up a minute long music video while capped. And yes. 3.8 KB/S is around the average I have while capped. I've heard of speeds non-Australians get and I can't help but be slightly envious. Hopefully this will solve my internettian woes.  

Kick-Ass (among other things)

What can I say, I'm severely behind the times. When I picked it up from the video store, I was slightly self-conscious. An attractive lady was hanging out behind the desk and I moved uncomfortably each time she examined the case. This was unfounded worry of course, I mean, it was either nerves or the three cans of Red Bull I downed moments before. For the sake of my ego, I'm going to go ahead and say it was a combination of both. I managed to meander myself home. I might add I had to walk up two hills. And in the rain. I felt pretty awesome. I also felt like I was developing frostbite, but hell, it was worth it. Popped it in the DVD player, watched it and was assaulted by childhood memories of me pretending to be a Power Ranger during Summer holidays. I certainly can't deny, for a genre that I generally tend to avoid I liked it. Hell. I LOVED it.  
After I managed to pry myself away from the constant case of reminisces, I decided to get around to watching 5 Centimeters Per Second. While I typically avoid anime, this had none of the generic, overplayed stereotypes you'd come to expect. No overuse of dramatic facial expression, no dialogue that served only to highlight how great and fantastic the protagonist was. Just an hour of heart-wrenching, beautiful dialogue. If you're the sentimental type who enjoys nothing more than being an emotional plaything for a screenwriter, no doubt laughing antagonistically as the legions of beleaguered masses cry unashamed at the doorstep of realization, you'd love this. Okay. Maybe that wasslightly  melodramatic, but the point remains. If you're a sucker for a good 'love' story, beautiful animation and stunning music, you'll find a place in this universe for yourself.   
But that's it, guys! My first foray into the blogosphere, although I may have shaded myself slightly offputting by the over-expressionistic descriptions and digressions, but I digress! All that's left is to bid adieu to you, the fine audience. So yeah. Adieu!