Standby Cheating

Last night as I was playing a quick match of Gears 2 with a buddy, I was put onto a team that with a standby-er and his friend. Normally I wouldn't be surprised by standby-ing in Gears 2, (something the game is infamous for) but something really struck me about this guy. He and his friend was actually behaving like he was getting legitimate kills by lagging everyone out. He would yell out stuff like "Owned ya bitch" and "Triple Kill" and whatnot while the other team was flailing around aimlessly. The worst part is that he'd spend as much time as he could humping the opposing team while they were down, making rounds take 5 minutes or more. My friend asked him if he was even having fun doing this. Personally I think the fun in online shooters isn't the killing but the thrill of getting attacked and then trying to evade. But the thing that really made me tick is how he mocked us by saying "I don't see you guys getting any kills". I facepalmed.

So have you guys had any similar interactions with people who cheat like this in online games? Is it really getting to a point where we should get accustomed to this type of stuff?