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Best of 2010

OneManX: Best of 2010

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  • I have sunk more time into this game, than any other game outside of a RPG made by BioWare

  • Stabbing Dudes, is still awesome.

  • I hate you! I hate you so fucking much, but i can't put you down. God damn bandages

  • I played it on the 360, moved, and I left my copy in storgae. I bought this game on PC and played through it... TWICE! yeah, this is a pretty good game.

  • Yeah, it's a re release of Persona 3, and I never played Persona 3. but coming off Persona 4, recently, i was hungry for more. and this game scratched those itches real well and even wrapping it up in a nice little box making it portable. This game has been yet to be taken out of my PSP, since July

  • I guess, I'd be insane to make a top 10 list and not add Starcraft 2. So here it is.. and everything positive about this game has been said so, I'll say this, "Damn, Jimmy!"

  • I hated Dead Rising 1, so the buzz for DR2 just went over my head, but when this game came and sporting a low price tag, i thought, 'What can I lose?', and it's money that I'm glad I spent. i haven't played Dead Rising 2 yet, but this game just seemed right. Smaller, focused, but still crazy, and that's all that really matters when zombies are running around.

    Oh yeah.. Paddle Saw.


  • Battlefield bad Company 1, spent little time n my 360, when I first played it. It just seemed, 'eh' to me. The single player was fun, but the multplayer didn't seem... fun. So I walked into BC2 cautiously and I actually played it. I played on a team, and treated it like a team game instead of lone wolfing my way through it, and I couldn't of enjoyed this game more. Where MW2, lost me in the multiplayer just being insane, something new always seems to happen every time I load another game.

  • Nintendo made a Kirby game in 2010. They also made him SUPER CUTE~! and still fun o play. This game is catnip for humans, playing this and slipping into a state of euphoria.

  • One part Zelda. One part God of War. Sprinkle in some Apocalypse... and a big fucking sword. and this game was pretty much sold.