GOTY 2011

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  • Everything about Saints Row 3 speaks to everything I like about games. It's loud, noisy, abbrasive, and it doesnt appologize for any of it. And that is what I like. The games starts crazy and ends, crazier if that was even a thing. While most games try to do toilet humor and dick jokes and they mostly fall on their face, (I'm staring daggers into you Duke Nukem), SR3 (Saints Row 3) does this surprisngly well And this si suplimented by good writing, good voice actiong and most imprtantly, a fun game. And that is what it boils down to, Saints Row: Thei Third is the most dfun, I had playing a game this year. Weither it was basejumping out of a Vitol Jet, doing DDTs to random pedestrians, singning along to Sublime in the car, or just wrecking havoc in Steelport, Saints Row: The Third created a smile that was near impossible to wipe away from my face.

  • This year was the year of fighting games for me. I picked up Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, Marvel vs Capcom 3, Thrid Strike, and King of Fighters, none of them hooked me like Mortal Kombat did. Probably the game just offered more outside of the box, than just basic two gusy fight to the death. It presented a Story Mode that needs to be recongnized to show that fighting games can have a deep, fun story, and the transition from fight to cutscene to fight again, is still amazing. The fighting itself is easy for anyone to get into, and takes a bit to master. Learning the basic isn't enough to be good at this game. Learning what can hit into what, and how to keep combos going is what adds a layer of complexity that matches what you see in other fighting games, but easier to learn in this one. Toss in a 300 Level Challenge and some of the best character DLC to boast, and it's hard to argue that Mortal Kombat isn't a total package of a game.

  • “Games as art”, is a discuasion I never put too much stock in, but even after just completing the first few missions, it was easy to see that Bastion is a game worthy to be called art. From the look of the world, to the music, to the narrator explaining what was going on in the world and the Calamity did to it. Bastion is a game that goes above and beyond most downloadable games. But this games stands above its looks, it plays exceptionally well. From adding the ability to play with many weapon/tonic combos its possible for two people to play the game in virtually different ways. Every option is a viable one, and it's a choice that you dont see in many bigger budget games. Bastion stands as one of the few download-only games, that I would gladly pay a full 60 bucks for.

  • 4. It's easy to just write-off Revelations as another Assassin's game, and for the most part, you'd be right. Revelations doesn't do much to change up the formula from what made Brotherhood great. If Brotherhood, broke the mold to Assassin's Creed games, Revelations adds some slight touches here and there to it. But what does seem like a great improvement is the Multiplayer. While still keeping the cat-and-mouse gameplay from the last game, Revelations adds more to make combat more fun. By upping the speed, now more defensive players can quickly identify their pursuers and get a quick stun on them, while it was in brotherhood, by makign the prompt pop up just a second adds an entire new level of stratdgy. From new abilities to new modes, this is the best version of the Assassin's Creed multiplayer yet, and while the single player does nothing new, it is still to run around the world and interact with the various characters. While it doesn't do anything to break the mold, Revelations, follows the formula and improves it.

  • Yo... Batman. I know it's not a proper way to say things, but yo, you're Batman. And being Batman is pretty cool. You fight crime, you sdtrike fear into your enemies, and you can take down a group of enemies, without even breaking a sweat. And the best thing about Arkham City is that is captures all of this in the game. You feel cool, when you pic apart a gang of about 10 guys as you systematically pick them apart with counters and smart use of your gadgets. The game captures everything good about Arkham Asylum and makes it bigger, and makes it better. By giving Batman a bigger world to run around in, it makes getting around it just as fun as you glide, zip, and swoop your way through the city. Everything in this game, just makes you feel like a complete hero... You. Are. Batman.