OneManX's Game of the Year 2012 ( GOTY 2012 )

Here We Go.


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  • It's more Borderlands, but more importantly it is a better Borderlands. More weapons, more lands, more enemies, and MORE HOT L00TZ! Borderlands 2 is everything I could ask from a sequel, and delivering a final boss that didn't completely suck.Also Handsome Jack has to get SOME mention as one of the best villains this year.

  • Between, the show, comics, and this game, I have been in a Walking Dead bubble, and I don't want to get out of it. Telltale did a great job at crafting a story between Lee and Clementine. Never had a game left me speechless or near tears.. and at the end of Episode 5, I found myself wiping my eyes. That alone makes The Walking Dead one of the best games of 2012, but one of the best of all time. While the game parts are shallow, at best, they do a great job at delivering what they need to deliver. THe reason why people will remember this game, and this series is seeing the outcome of their personal journey.

  • Bullet time, is back? The storytelling taking cues from a Micheal Madsen movie with camera cuts and vignetting mirror Max's fall into a drunken and drug induced state. The shooting has a weight to and bullets matter. Running out of bullets has never felt like a real consequence to me in a game, until I started playing Max Payne 3. using the shoot-dodging to place shots where they need to be and clearing out a room of multiple enemies, getting that feeling of accomplishment just brings back memories of Max Payne 2 and whipping around killing a ton of dudes.

  • Sleeping Dogs is pretty much the sum of years of games trying to crack the GTA Open-World crime game formula. Well acted, well written, and well executed. The hand-to-hand combat, while lifted from Arkham Asylum, is actually fun, for the first time in one of these games, I went out and started fights, and went to the fight clubs, and wanted to unlock more moves.

  • Regardless of how it ended... it was gonna be Tp 5. The DLC stuff is bullshit, and I have no problems with people shouting it down from the heavens. But.. when Mass Effect 3 ended, my story ended. This is more for the series as a whole, than the game by itself. It's a great series, its one of my favorites of this generation, and I was happy to see it end. While it wasn't the best ending... it ended. And when the smoke cleared and my choice was made... the feeling of 'Wow... it's over' just stuck with me in ways that most games don't stick.

  • Fucking... Drugs. Cocaine. Murder. Hot Beats. I love Hotline Miami the same way I loved Super Meat Boy. So many, "fucks" and "Fuck you"'s, and "God Damn it"'s were dropped over the course of this game. But it never erased the smile I had on my face. I hate this game. I love this game. I NEED this game.

  • Persona 4. I love it. Fighting games made by Arc System Works... not so much. So the right window dressing can make a lot of things appealing, and that is what happened here. The Persona 4 and 3 hooks were deep enough for me to invest the time in actually learning how to play the game

  • Cheerleader killing Zombies. Done.

  • Never been a fan of Halo but I always thought the series was alright. So in playing Halo 4 the changes were obvious, it felt faster, it felt Modern. Just being able to spring in and out of combat (and not having to rely on an Armor Power to do so). I enjoyed the groundwork it laid for fleshing out the story of Master Chief and diving into the Chief/Cortana relationship. And it handled it really well... it could of went into creepy... love type area, but it walked the line really well. And the multiplayer is fun... if that is your thing.

  • Kinda bummed by how it ended, but I still had fun. I had fun building up my homestead, I had fun running around collecting Almanac pages, I had fun tomahawking faces, and the naval battles are some of the most fun I had with ANY games, and those positives outweigh the negatives of the story and execution of the ending.