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NBA Jam: On-Fire Edition review 0

HES ON FIRE!!!NBA Jam: On Fire Edition, is everything you want a NBA Jam game to be. Outlandish dunks, insane Alley-Oops, guys on fire, Big heads and an announcer who never shuts up (for better and for worse). It's basically the perfect NBA Jam game. But it's a bit more than that. Coming from last year's... interesting release of NBA Jam. EA has taken a bit more laid back approached and really focused the ideas in this game. Gone are the boss encounters, and minigames and here a much more focuse...

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Dead Rising 2 Review 3

2006's Dead Rising was a game that was divisive. It “looked” like your typical zombie slasher game, but it played differently than other game that was released at the time. In taking hints from NES and SNES games before it, Dead Rising was game that couldn't be beaten with out dying. The tricks of Dead Rising 1 was reaching a certain point, dying, then starting from the beginning and preparing yourself for the boss battle. In while that seems like chore, most players were able to reach their las...

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Metroid: Other M Review 0

Going into Metroid: Other M, most gamers know what to expect. With Team Ninja taking the helm, most gamers thought Other M was going to a clone of past Team Ninja games, Ninja Gaiden being the most popular. In certain preview events, this notion was squashed. Team Ninja with this a pseudo-2-D, 3-D game and managed to bring their flare to one of Nintendo's flagship series. In a stark turn from the last Metroid game on the Wii, Metroid: Prime, this game ditches the first person view point and adap...

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Sin and Punishment: Star Successor review 0

 Sin and Punishment: Star Successor is the sequel to the N64 cult hit, Sin and Punishment, a game that was released in Japan, but now available via Nintendo's Virtual Console. In this game you play the role of Isa or Kachi as you battle your way through the war between Inner-Space and Outer-Space. The game's plot is doesn't go too deep, but it plays out like a typical Japanese anime, but the main star of the show is the gameplay. Sin and Punishment: Star Successor take use of the Wii's Nu...

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