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Video games studio ALTERITY EXPERIENCE | Released Jan 15, 2020 (Adventure game with UFOs)

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100916 Alterity Experience Game I can't see my picture, it looks broken, could you help me to see it please? 03/09/20 07:16AM 45 15 approved, 2 denied
100579 Alterity Experience Game 03/06/20 01:46PM 0 denied
100467 Alterity Experience Game 03/06/20 05:30AM 34 approved
100118 New Game Game The reason why we would want to add our game in your data base is because: We are video game studio and we launched our first game on steam; the 15th january, called ALTERITY EXPERIENCE, we are serious and passionate. Many people played and enjoyed the game, and the did videos and live streams on youtube. We need more visibility in US territory and others countries. Best regards The ONITRON STUDIO Team 03/04/20 06:50AM 0 denied
99993 New Game Game We would want to add our game in your database because: We launch our game on 15th january 2020 on Steam, we are a video game studio, and we are serious. Many people on youtube made a video of our game and enjoyed to play it. 03/03/20 08:01AM 10 approved