Top 10 Games

No doubt this list will be heavily influenced by my nostalgia and shoddy memory, but I'll make a go at it anyway.

List items

  • Going by my time spent playing it, this pretty much has to win. When it first came out it was a revolution and an absolutely fantastic game. I feel its reputation has been marred by its decedents but it remains one of the outstanding games of this generation.

  • I hardly need to explain this choice. The best game in the series in my opinion, it struck a brilliant balance between it's gameplay/systems and the fantastic story.

  • I'm including this because I was going to just put the third game on this list but I love the whole franchise so much I felt I should cheat a little and put three games on. Just sheer fun with a well developed world, story, characters and gameplay with compelling progression.

  • Devoid of any real story it was a game carried by the sheer enjoyment one got from shooting hoards of zombies... and also screwing people over when playing as the infected.

  • An absolute classic and one of the earliest games I remember playing. How could you not have a Crash game on your top ten?

  • An early generation game which simply had some of the best puzzle-solving in any game, even though it's not a puzzle game. The hours spent try to the silent assassin rating were so much fun.

  • The best in the series of fairly crassly humourous games that I highly enjoyed. From the constant sex jokes to the ridiculous storyline I loved this game a lot and was extremely disappointed when I found the conclusion to the series literally unplayable.

  • The only driving game to hold my attention for more than a week it really just nailed how to make driving fun for me.

  • A game I played endlessly as a young kid. Simply fun and entertaining.

  • I played the 3 games individually co-op with my best friend when they came out separately originally and then again through the full thing when it came out as one thing. Just plain fun.