Achieving Health?

So lately i've been mucking around my own house because i've been sick.  Normally that wouldn't be a problem because I have games to occupy my time and whatnot.  But the problem is that i sold all my games like the whore i am, and probably the whore some other people are, to the demons of Gamestop for some extra cash.  So all i have left on my 360 are a bunch of trials and demos and a few arcade games that i've gotten bored of.  So what i've resorted to doing is watching gameplay videos here and on youtube and looking up achievements in games that i'm saving up for.  I mean i think all gamers at one point have looked up achievements for games they don't have out of pure curiosity and to see possible games to pick up for that easy point boost to their gamer score.   
I even wound up resorting to the Avatar: The Last Airbender achievement trick for the easy points just because i wanted a higher gamerscore.  Admittedly i don't have the highest gamerscore to begin with because after awhile i just grew tired of going out of my way to get them.  But at times i still do feel the hunger for points and i still see it in my friends.  So i was thinking that what if someone were to make an iphone app or just an online point tracking system, much like the quest system here, about being healthy.  For example you get five points if you do a certain number of crunches and then 20 points later on if you continue to do it for a whole week or month, true there would have to be a definite honor system so prevent people from cheating though.  It could also include proper dieting, such as eating the proper amounts of fruits and veggies in a day or by avoiding fast food.  I myself am considered overweight and borderline obese because of my height and weight ratio so something like a point system would be a good incentive to stay on track with any diet or workout routine.   
Hell in a few months Kinect or Move could actually do this, get gamers and just normal people in shape for the points.  Imagine to totally S rank a game the last achievement would be actually lose physical weight or to at least show a vast improvement in physical performance.  It is kind of exciting to see what games could help people achieve just for achievements or trophies.   Fitness achievements could lead to gamers being fit and in shape, instead of the pasty and pudgy bunch we have become.  Instead of being couch potatoes we could become hot pieces of meat!  Okay that sounds a bit weird but i think you get the gist of it.  We could be in shape and have points to show it off! 
But going back to my first point is that i'd like to try out a real life achievement system that has to do with proper dieting and exercise.  I'm going to go and come up with a few different tasks that would eventually lead up to 1000 points for each month and maybe i'll post it here for fellow gamers to try out.  But i think it would be more beneficial to other gamers if they would develop their own achievement routines to suit their own lifestyle and needs.  Hopefully this will actually work and i won't slack off myself on trying to do this!