Best of 2009

oopprraahh: Best of 2009

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  • I could say this game made me happy to be a PS3 owner but actually it made me happy to be a video gamer.

  • Still addicting multiplayer, an excellent add-on in Special Ops, but a single player that came up short compared to the first Modern Warfare is why this game isn't #1

  • Just a flat out fun action game in a great setting and interesting characters.

  • Doing the challenges with friends or just chatting with friends over live to find some sweet spots around town provided me some of the best gaming moments this year.

  • A beautiful game.

  • Sasha Klestian on the cover was the only hiccup to the newest edition of the FIFA series

  • Best menu of 2009 and the racing was good too.

  • The campaign provided some depth to the Halo story and Firefight was a great addition

  • You and your friends are all up for some FPS action but don't feel like playing competitively and want something with some RPG meat to it, this is that game.

  • It has what Katamari fans want.