Best of 2010

oopprraahh: Best of 2010

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  • I don't normally go back and play solo campaigns a second time but the Mass Effect universe is so fun to back into and explore in that I am with this game. The campaign may have lacked the punch of the first game the improved combat made this still a must play.

  • Check list of what I want in an FPS: Great co-op campaign (check), fun competitive multiplayer (check), & a good progression system (check). Reach is so solid and provided a great Halo story for this fan that I put it as my favorite in the series.

  • You don't need an elaborate story, deep engrossing combat, or huge multiplayer to make a great game. Start to finish this little game packs a wallop.

  • The added tweaks to the campaign and the addition of Hide N Go Shank multiplayer easily brushed aside all the fears of this game being a simple cash grab expansion.

  • While I was somewhat bored with the GTA style missions, the setting and interesting ending made up for it.

  • There wasn't a better competitive multiplayer experience than Dice's Rush game mode.

  • Beautiful scenery, a story that unfolded cleverly and a competent clever combat mechanic made this too good to not make my list.

  • I love FIFA. I play FIFA.

  • People will say this was an interactive story more than a game but so what. It was interesting, new, and fun. I loved after completing the game comparing endings with my friends.

  • The platforming was simple, the combat was simple but the character interaction got this on to my list.