yes, I know I should be studying but, I have this burning question... And no, it's not "do I have the clap" (lolerz.... I ish delirious)

Would I make it as a Video Game journalist?

1. I can write

2. I likes me some video games

and ...

3. I'm not afraid to call shyte when I sees it.



I think I might be sick..... DAMMIT!!!

I now know why germa-phones are the way they are.  I feel like death, and I get to study for a psych exam. If I find who gave me this I will single-handedly scoop out their brains with a rusty spork and eat them with toast.

I never realized how germ-infested a community college is.


Becca *drags the tissues and her psych book to bed*



So.... Today was very eventful.... I pretty much was awakened by that evil sun and it's infernal shining ( I have NO curtains in my bloody window because I went crazy in a cleaning frenzy and sent them back to get cleaned)  Which caused me nothing but, more crazy-ness. So me, my fiance, and his parents spent the day deciding whether or not to go to a movie (we left at about 5:30PM and ate dinner then went to the 7:30PM showing of Taken - Great movie, go see it. but, not with a girl or someone who is prone to crying..... It deals with some heavy shit.)

Anyway, the only thing I have as far as "interesting" to-do's is maybe a trip to DC tomorrow to see the museums. woot. I think we might forgo the art to see space museum-type nonsense.  *pout* But, I'd rather see art. lol

I have to turn in.  I have early classes tomorrow.



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