The Worst Games of All time

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  • Words do not even begin to describe how bad this game is, if you could call it that. This is the worst video game ever created hands down and has less interactivity then a DVD menu. I throw up in my mouth a little whenever I see or hear about this game.

  • E.T the Extra-Terrestrial, do I really need to explain why this game is equivalent to a bag of shit with the words E.T the Extra Terrestrial written over it.

  • In Custer's Revenge you play as a naked George Armstrong Custer who made his supposed last stand at the famous Battle of Little Bighorn, which occurred during the mid to late eighteenth hundreds. The objective of this game though is to make your way across the screen while dodging arrows to rape a naked Indian Women. The game while somewhat funny at first becomes old within the first minute of playing it and really if you think of it the whole concept of the game is just wrong. All of that aside though, in general it's a very bad game that is no fun at all.

  • Shaq Fu, most people cringe at the thought of it.

  • Now of course i'm not talking about the original arcade version that we all know of, I'm talking about the awful Atari 2600 port that lost practically everything good about the arcade version in translation.

  • With repetetive gameplay, atrocious controls and bland graphics for the time, Superman 64 pretty much defines what a bad game is and should be stayed away from at all times.

  • Bad Boys II is a God-awful movie based game that features some of the worst aiming in a video game ever along with craptacular graphics. If you ever need to check and see if a movie based game is bad just compare it with this heaping pile of Horse shit.

  • need I say more.

  • This is one of the three CD-i Zelda games that were not made by Nintendo and it's the worst of them all with its terribly corny cutscenes and shitty gameplay you'd have to wonder why Nintendo would hand over the rights to make a game in one of their most popular franchises to a relatively unknown developer. Hopefully they learned their lesson.

  • Made by the same sick bastards who made Custer's Revenge, Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em is a complete and totally shameless knockoff of the Atari game Kaboom. In the game you play as two naked chicks who are standing at the bottom of a building and have to catch the semen of a guy with an abnormally large penis who is masturbating on the roof of the building. Like Custer's Revenge it can be funny for a minute or so, but afterwards it becomes extremely boring.