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The Walking Dead Review 0

Narrative in video games divides opinion in some interesting ways. Some say that game stories are bad, no matter the title in question, while some shun books and movies to get their fiction fix from the interactive medium. Its an interesting debate, but one thing that seems to have united everyone is The Walking Dead from Telltale Games.The Walking Dead, as an IP, can seemingly do very little wrong. A successful comic book, a popular TV show and now a game, there are few missteps despite it bein...

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Suda-51's latest is a dam good ride 0

Popcorn gaming is a term I am on a crusade to get into the greater gaming lexicon. It refers to those games we play that we all know are dumb, the ones that dont innovate and try to change the way all future games are made or have some socio-political point to make about the world. No, it refers to those games that hark back to the beginning of the industry where paying strippers to show pixelated boobs and blasting floating one eyed demons without any real reason was one of the most entertaini...

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Resonace Of Fate Review 0

  Perception is an interesting thing. What one person may see as a good thing, the person sitting next to them may see it as a crime against humanity. The reason I say this is because I looked at the box for Resonance of Fate, the latest RPG from TRI-ACE and SEGA, and perceived game that is very Japanese and not Final Fantasy and therefore a game that is not very good. Oh, how wrong I was.  Resonance of Fate tells the story of Vashyron, Zephyr and Leanne, three hunters in the world of Basel – a ...

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The True GTA Experience Comes To The DS 0

How do you take the massive, open world that is Liberty City of Grand Theft Auto IV fame and translate it onto the DS, and more importantly make it NOT feel stripped down? You make Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, a game that plays to the strengths of the system while sending the player on a well executed and sharply written adventure throughout the streets of . You play as Huang, a young rich kid fresh off the plane from , with a sword in the wake of his father’s murder. Unfortunately the s...

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The playstation 3 finally has its killer app 0

Its been a long time coming, but the PS3 finally has Killzone 2, a game that supposedly is to beat Halo and all other comers to the crown of definitive FPS. That is a lofty claim, and one which sadly isn’t lived up to, but Killzone 2 is a fantastic game in its own right. You play as Sev, a soldier in the ISA (Internal Strategic Alliance) fighting a war against the Helghast, a vicious bunch of, well space Nazis, who are now fighting to rid their home world of Helghan of you and your comrades. T...

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A truly brilliant RPG from the makers of Final Fantasy 0

It’s all too easy for RPG fans to only talk about Final Fantasy, especially when talking about Square Enix, that franchise’s creators. However, Final Fantasy isn’t the only title in the company’s catalogue, and people often forget that not only did they create the daddy of the genre, they also arguably spawned said genre as well. And so rather than rehash yet another FF game for the DS, Square Enix has moved into its fighting stance and shouted ‘Bring It’, and brought it they have with the imm...

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Surprisingly addictive and very charming, let down by controls 0

De Blob is a very surprising game, much more enjoyable than the 'kidified' box art would lead you to think and much lengthier than I thought it would be, I really enjoyed this charming title, despite a few technical issues. You play De Blob, the hero of the colour underground, a resistance movement fighting against the evil I.N.K.T corporation who have occupied Chroma City and turned all the inhabitants into boring, dull Graydians and removed all the colour from the world. Your job is to re-pain...

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A game with so much potential that winds up being cheap 0

The original Ninja Gaiden for the original xbox was a masterpiece of action game design. It was tight, the controls were near perfect and the action a blaze of sword weilding ninja mystisim. Ninja Gaiden 2 however, tries to follow on from its almost flawless predecessor, but fails miserably. Story is not this games strong point, but admittedly neither was it the first games, so that is not something you can really hold against it. It provides enough narrative to move the story along and generate...

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Excellent story, and new play mechanics make this a worthy game 0

Square Enix have long been one of the finest purveyors of their craft, creating some of the most memorable RPG’s of all time. Indeed, they are credited with one of the most well known and best ever made, Final Fantasy VII. While fans have been clamouring for a next generation remake of that game ever since Sony unveiled a PS3 powered re-working of the opening cinematic, so far they have been sadly disappointed. They have, however, been treated to several games in the ‘Compendium of Final Fantasy...

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Rejoin Phoenix Wright as he takes on his most difficult cases yet 0

Franchise based sequels are a difficult thing to produce, since you have to keep fans of previous games happy while trying to add something new and evolve the characters and settings, sometimes this can be done excellently and others dont turn out as well, and its unfortunate that Justice for all falls into this latter section. Phoenix Wright and friends return for another round of courtroom action, introducing several new characters and some returning faces from the first game. Set just a few m...

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Join Rookie Attorney Phoenix Wright in his first few cases 0

Point and click adventures have had a bit of a downward trend of late, never being able to reach the lofty heights of those classic Lucasarts games, such as Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max. There is however hope for the genre, and the DS is a perfect place for this small revival. Phoenix Wright is a rookie attorney, having been taken under the wing of Mia Fey, his mentor and all round babe. The mechanics of the game are relatively simple: a murder will be commited and Mia and Phoenix will ta...

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