My experience of Giant Bomb so far

I would like to start of with with saying this site is totally awesome! I like the look, details and everything, but I am going to make a little breakdown below this:


  • Nice look.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Review system is great.
  • Ability to edit pages so better information is there for example.
  • You can swear! (FUCK YEAH!)
  • Awesome crew behind it all.

  • Some problems here and there (but it will get fixed for sure later on :P)
  • Needs a little more categories like a place for Xbox and PS3 and Wii. Like on the Xbox place there is only Xbox news. Right now there is only a platform place for the Xbox and PS3 and Wii. We need more than just a place. We need a news place :D.

But, the "Bomb" is good right now! I like it :D.
What do you guys think of it?