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Here's a little bit of my gaming history for you all.

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  • First gaming console I ever owned... bought it from a garage sale for $25. Playing Sonic 2 was like a dream come true.

  • Christmas gift and boy, was it a good one. Frogger at the time provided endless hours of fun until I got some more games. Pokemon Blue... need I say more?

  • Took me forever to convince my parents I should have this thing. I remember going to buy the Donkey Kong Jungle Green edition and the store clerk at Target tried to convince me to get a PlayStation. What a turd that guy was... DK64 and all of the other games I ended up getting were AWESOME.

  • My old friend who moved to Japan decided to give me his PlayStation. I don't know why, but it was a very nice gesture. I never bought any games for it, but I was able to get some from a friend who had way too many for his own good. NASCAR 2000 was a lot of fun at the time... I honestly don't know how or why...

  • Got the Metroid Prime Platinum bundle... yes, I was late in the game to get one of these, but not too late. Still got to experience some great titles like Metroid Prime, the Windwaker, Twilight Princess, and more...

  • First console I specifically saved money for. Ended up buying my 360 when the Marvel/Forza bundle came out. Although I don't think I gotten the most of out my 360 like my previous consoles, I still love having this guy around because it's perfect for a quick game of Call of Duty or some arcade titles. I look forward to the next Xbox... whenever that thing decides to reveal itself...

  • Bought this guy a few years ago after deciding I really wanted to start getting into retro gaming. My main reason was because I wanted to relive a lot of childhood games that I always played at my friends' houses, but never got to play in the comfort of my own home. Needless to say, I have a solid collection of games that I now have to look back on and remember how awesome it was to be a kid.

  • Yeah, so this isn't exactly a game console... but I bought Braid from the Mac App Store. That counts right?

    I usually boot this guy up in BootCamp if I'm feelin' the urge to play Counter-Strike or Age of Empires III.

  • Actually, I just have an iPod touch. Never thought I would get into gaming on my iPod, but it was a perfect way for me to play some games on the road. I even managed to get pretty deep into Final Fantasy I, a game I have always had interest in playing. Pretty glad I ended up with that game in my collection.