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First, fantastic article! Even though this is only the second article, of hopefully many, I've really enjoyed the new direction Giant Bomb has been heading in. Engaging in wider discussion of the medium is a much missed feature from Patrick's Worth Reading!

Games on a whole are unique as a medium, the simple fact that they're interactive. While the points made in this article can be translated to other forms of media, such as Film, Television and Books. Objectively everyone will view the same text, and yes, you can interrupt that text but video games differ in this subjectivity.

As I mentioned before games have an extra tool to help leverage subjectivity.

Take a game like The Phantom Pian, where how a player approaches an encounter isn't something the developer can't really account for. The so many different factors that can colour this experience; how the player tackles the encounter, the tools they use, the AI how they react, how the game handles the what being asked of it.

As a side note, this is why I believe achievements/ trophies hurt the unique gameplay experience, adding structure to games like Fallout and Metal Gear. Anyway...

A slight tangent but, overall fantastic article! Understanding that media can be interrupted and being tolerant of that is something that we need all need to be more awhere of.