Simon's Game of the Year 2016

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  • Inside is the second game from indie developer Play Dead Studios. On the surface it would be easy to write off Inside as “another one of those games” and it’s a game that wears almost ten years development on its selves. While it’s easy to draw comparisons between Play Dead’s Limbo and Inside, especially tonally with the games early set pieces. Inside goes out of its way to subvert exceptions and craft a unique experience that stayed with me long after I completed the game.

  • I first heard about Yo-Kai Watch back in 2015. A colourful RPG focused around the mechanic of befriending a variety of cute creatures, known as Yo-Kai. These Yo-Kai each have unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses that you must take into account when you call upon to battle other Pokémon... Wait a minute. That's right, Yo-Kai Watch was positioned as the next, in a long line of, threats to the Pokémon throne. Unlike its predecessors, Yo-Kai Watch was blowing all expectations and setting impressive sale numbers in Japan.

    A year later and Yo-Kai Watch finally gets its western release. While the parallels between Yo-Kai Watch and Pokémon are obvious, Yo-Kai Watch carves out enough of an identity, through its charm and personality that kept me enthralled from start to finish.

    While Yo-Kai Watch has its fair share of flaws, from its severely lacking battle system to its completely arbitrary ‘Befriending’ mechanic. Yo-Kai Watch more than makes up for its short comings with its writing, personality and charm, which elevate the game above the sums of its parts. If you're willing to overlook a few nit-picky things, you'll find a highly enjoyable game that has a lot of love.