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So a paid alpha access just opened up today, has anyone played it? Game seems interesting and I was thinking of taking the dive.

For anyone that doesn't know the game is billed as a free to play on release, but theres a founder's package and blah blah blah all that stuff.

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The "Anglo-sphere" includes the U.S., the British Isles, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, and probably some other countries that I forgot. The problem was that I should have also clarified that Poland is not in the Anglo-sphere and the Witcher isn't primarily targeted toward the those sensibilities (most of those countries I listed have significant minority populations and thus many of their inhabitants are greatly and rightly concerned with multiculturalism)

I think it is entirely possible that they might add such a mission as you described in DLC (of which there is lots planned for the game) or even a gaggle of non-white NPC's in a whole new area. All I said is that the part of the "giant world" that they chose to render in the shipped game happens to have very few to no non-white humans.

And I agree that CD Projekt Red did not think it was "important enough" to put non-white NPCs in their game. But why should they have? We've already eliminated the lore reasons so i guess it's just because people who aren't them might want that in their game? There just happens to not be people in the studio's creative positions who thought that was a good enough reason. To expect an all-Polish studio in Poland to give a voice to a non-Polish Ethnic group for reasons that aren't directly related to the game is to make a really terrible bet. My point is that you should instead be expecting that from a highly multicultural society, which Poland is not.

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@carlos707: That is a good point; the game was clearly targeted towards Eastern Europe AND the Anglosphere if you go by where ad dollars were spent. But would you rather game designers make a game for themselves or for some marketing demographic? A cohesive, creatively-driven vision is especially important to game stories and settings; for example, the believablity of the North African setting of Resident Evil 5 was diminished after fans complained that there were too many black zombies, and to address this they added, in my opinion, too many white zombies (the Arabic zombies that they also added made much more sense). Would the believablity of the Slavic-inspired fantasy land of the Witcher be harmed by the inclusion of a non-white character? No, but the cohesiveness of its intended identity would be. The designers decided to create a fantasy setting where one of the peculiarities is that there are very few to no non-white people. There are many different, plausable reasons why they might have done this, most of them are lore related (for example, the nilfgardian blockade blocking ships from more racially colorful places like Zerrikania getting through), and some are to stay true to its medieval Poland inspired setting. The only reason they would have to include more non-white characters would be to appeal to a marketing demographic that wants non-white characters in their game.

Also, you do know that it sounds awfully ignorant when you say something like the game was made "for whites, by whites" right? White people aren't all a single ethnic group, and to think so is...let me just stop myself there before I get too mad.

Aaaand, I never said that anyone didn't have the right to criticize anything. Sheesh, how does every argument I make on here somehow come down to who has the "right" to do whatever?

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I have a major issue with Austin's understanding of the argument that Americans are being culturally imperialistic when they complain of minority underrepresentation in the Witcher 3: he doesn't actually address the aspect of American culture is actually being forced on another nation here - that aspect being multiculturalism. My simple understanding of multiculturalism is that it is just a cultural reflection of the many different ethnically-derived cultures such an ethnically diverse country as America is bound to have. Promoting multicultural works in American mass media is seen as a good thing by many people including myself. I could list myriad reasons for why I believe it is good, but I'll just mention the most important of them which is that it gets us farther away from a boring mono-culture.

But Poland isn't America, and it is much less ethnically and culturally diverse (98.6 percent of the population is "European" according to Wikipedia). There are less cultures competing for air time, and so multiculturalism is a much smaller issue there. Unlike America, the vast majority of people already see their culture heavily represented in popular mass media.

This entire controversy stems from the fact that Witcher 3 happens to be such a popular, well made game, that many Americans assumed it was made for them, but it wasn't. Lets be honest, almost all of the highest-quality video games and movies are made by and for the Anglo-sphere and a few wealthy Western European countries these days (ignoring Nintendo). So Polish people saw that there was no reason to put certain minorities in their game, because Poland doesn't really have a multiculturalism problem.

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@homelessbird: Sorry but I'm going to have to poop on your insistence that people of certain races should never question certain arguments when people of certain other races make them. The fact that any rationally-thinking person with a good grasp of argumentation and a high standard for evidence should be able to judge my arguments on their own merits is exactly "what gives [me] the right to tell [anyone] how they should and shouldn't think". Read the article again and pay attention to how Austin explains that critics should have as much right to criticize as the criticized have to accept or reject criticism.

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I reinstalled the game very conveniently the day before the podcast went up talking about Warframe again. Id love to join the GB clan as opposed to some random one.

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The gamergate video is a rogue's gallery of strawmen. But don't take my word for it, go to the gamergate board on 8chan and find out what their actual claims are and then see if they line up with what that video says they are. Primary sources, ho!