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Dear Vatra Games...

 Dear Vatra Games:
Please, I beg of you, whatever you do, NO MORE CULT BULLSHIT!   Need ideas coming  up with a plot? Think more Twilight Zone and less Resident Evil (whose story became shit when they tried to stick to a storyline that became more convoluted and ridiculous in every game).
Sincerely, a Silent Hill fan since 1999.
P.S Enough with the fan service too. Pyramid Head? GTFO!



but only if they're games that were released in other consoles and

  • a) are good but I haven't played them in a while (e.g. SOTN)
  • b) have heard a lot of good things about but never got to play them (e.g. Psychonauts)
I usually ignore games that are arcady, remakes, or look like flash games.