Games Finished in 2011

Simple really. Just a list of all the games I have completed in the year 2011. List is in date of completion.

And now 2011 is over. TO 2012!!!

List items

  • After putting this series off for almost a year I finally got around to playing this and the first game (which i completed last year) and wow this game was so amazing. I can't wait to play the third game!

    (Completed February 5th)

  • Really fun game to play if you have a partner to play with. The action is great, I loved having to solve the puzzles with both characters playing needed rolls in solving puzzles, and all the loot. Highly recommended if you want some Co-Op goodness. (Completed February 25th)

  • Good god this game was fucking terrifying. I even had 3 of my best friends come along for this ride and they fucking hated me for it.

    (Completed April 1st)

  • Once again another great game to do if you have some buddies to play with. The story is non-existent but there is sooooo much god damn loot to get. Beat the base game and am currently working on the DLC (Completed "base game" April 28th [twice :-P])

  • Wow what a game. I loved the Wild West setting and all the activities you get to do. Favorite parts where just riding around the land and random things would happen (somebody holding up and robbing people, things getting stolen, somebody asking me to help them out then finding out they just wanted my horse and try to run off with it) the story itself is ok and the ending is kinda "meh" but otherwise this is a great game. (Completed May 30rd, Completion time: 18 hours)

  • Very lighthearted, fun RPG. If you have some RPG's already under your belt then this game will be way to easy for you. Plays like "my first RPG" which isn't a bad thing. I loved the twist of playing as both the Mario Brothers and Bowser at the same time. Highly recommended for anybody that was to play a light rpg. (Completed June 1st, Completion time: 20 hours)

  • I bought this on my 3DS just to see how one of the first kirby games used to play and beat it in half an hour. The game is super short, but it is fun.

    (Completed August 4th)

  • I knew going into Bastion that it was going to be a great game, From watching the Building the Bastion videos to seeing how passionate the team was to getting this title out I knew it was going to be good. Little did I know what I was getting myself into. Everything from the narration to the art style and the music was awesome. The game doesn't overstay its welcome if you don't want it to so I defiantly recommend anybody who is interested in Bastion to go get it now!

    (Completed August 18th; 1st playtime: 4.8 Hours)

  • (Not the NES Version, but the Remaster PSP Anniversary edition)

    Well this is probably going to be on of the oldest games I'm going to be playing this year (old in spirit that is) I've owned this game almost all forms (NES, GBA, and PSP) and yet I only now just beat it on the psp! There really isn't much to the original Final Fantasy. The different classes you choose don't have much difference to them beyond stats and ability to use magic and the story isn't so great either, but being that this game was originally made over 20 years ago I guess I could let it slide. Playing the granddaddy of the series lets me appreciate all of the improvements that have come along all these years. I'm just glad this really wasn't Square's FINAL Fantasy. (Completed: August 28th Final Playtime: 20 hours 8 Minutes)

  • Ever since the ending of portal 1 I wanted to know if a sequel would ever be produced and years later it has AND IT'S FANTASTIC! Portal 2 is easily double the length of time of the original and with the inclusion of the gels and movable beams of light and energy makes the puzzles even more devilish! I love how GLaDOS had her character expanded upon and love the addition of Wheatley. There is no question that if you loved the original Portal for whatever reason you must play Portal 2 and that's only talking about the single player, I haven't even started the co-op campaign yet but I'm sure it will be just as great if not more! (Completed: October 4th, Final Playtime: 10 Hours)

  • I have no idea why I picked this game up, started playing it and eventually put over 80 hours into it. The story is lame and once you get towards the end you know how it's going to close, but I think what kept me going was the gameplay. Dragon Quest IX is a Dragon Quest game plain and simple. It's just a traditional Japanese RPG. With over 10 different classes to play as I found myself wanting to constantly level till I can get all the skill points I need to make the best characters. Even after I finished the story I'm still going through many of the quests that I had skipped during the main game and have even downloaded all of the optional quests that are available. I would recommend this game to anybody who likes JRPG's that have stayed rooted in their past. Dragon Quest IX doesn't have a great story but the game play is fun and quite addictive. (Story Completed: November 12th, Final Playtime: 82 hours)

  • Fun game, but WAY TO SHORT

    *fill in more later*

    (Completed: November 16th, Playtime: 6 hours)

  • Holy shit this game is fucking great. The music, the gameplay, the voice acting, the setting, and the characters are all awesome! And don't get me started on the ending. Having yet another surprise when I wasn't expecting it was a refreshing thing to have in these times. Also note that I suggest that you don't skip past the credits right away. (Completed: December 14th, Playtime: 9 hours)

  • Just like the last game it's suuuper short but still fun to play. Classic Kirby gameplay with a lot of great tunes. (Completed: December 31st, Playtime: 1 hour)

    (FINAL GAME OF 2011)