Games Finished in 2012

Games that I have completed during 2012.

*and with that 2012 is done TO 2013!*

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  • Now I didn't think that this game would be the first of the year I would finish nor would I would be playing this game for the 4th time, but while watching the Endurance Run and noticing how Ryan and Patrick were able to brute force their way through the game (although as of writing I kinda get the feeling they might get there asses handed to them soon) At first I was just playing the game to see if I could catch up to the point of where they were at when I started, but then I realized I blew way past them in less time so from that point I basically said "fuck it I'll finish the game" and god damn what I fine game this is. Great battle system, fantastic music that I will never forget. For an RPG it is a bit on the short side, but it still is very playable to this day and a classic that everybody can enjoy (Finished January 15th, Final Playtime: 20 hours)

  • I really wanted to like this game. I really really wanted to like this game. I played the demo years ago and loved it, but then when the game actually came out I heard nothing but negativity towards Dragon Age II. I then told myself to wait later to get it. I finally got it and was genuinely enjoying it. The combat was much faster then the first game, the main character is actually voiced this time, and the characters in your party I enjoyed much more (Bethany was my favorite). Unfortunately after 10 hours in is when my enjoyment for the game diminished. Going through the same locations in Kirkwall, and the same caves over and over again was getting tiring, the main quest line was totally boring, during my play though Bethany was *SPOILER* randomly killed off out of nowhere *END SPOILER*, the ending was a cliffhanger which I hate more then anything and because of the class choice I made (i played rogue) my time in combat was spent hitting the A button about 20 times followed by a special skill, A a few more times another special skill then A another 50 times or so.

    Like I said I really wanted to see past the game's faults and just enjoy it but I couldn't and because of the way Dragon Age II ended for me I don't know if I'll ever get to playing a Dragon Age III, but maybe Bioware can fix the mess that they made for the next game. I sure hope they do.

    (Completed February 17th, Final Playtime: 29 hours 30 minutes)

  • 2nd play through, Male Shepard, Renegade path (Finished April 24th; Playtime: 26 hours)

  • Yeah there isn't much to say about this that everyone else hasn't said already. The majority of the game is great. The combat is improved in ways that will make going back to ME2 a bit difficult, but man that ending...Look the only thing I really have to say about it is that all I wanted from an ending to the ME series is just same damn closure. What happen to my squad after the battle? What happen to everyone else that is now stranded in the Sol system now that the mass relays are gone? etc, etc. All I want is some basic closure, I hope that DLC that supposed to "explain" the ending gives me what I want. (Finished June 17th; Playtime: 25 hours; Male Shepard, Paragon)


    Well now most of my questions have been answered. For the most part I got the closure I wanted and then some. Let's see what else Bioware does with this series.

  • (Finished June 23; Playtime: 10 hours)

  • Big, dumb, bombastic FPS. Don't expect anymore then a summer action movie equivalent. Still it was fun

    (Finished August 5th; Playtime: 8 hours)

  • Not as good as Symphonia or Vesperia. Otherwise it's an ok RPG

    (Finished August 31st; Playtime: 48 hours)

  • Don't understand what the big deal was with LIMBO. Some of the puzzles were okay but otherwise it was boring as hell. Also I hate games that just abruptly end with no explanation whatsoever.

    (Finished September 8th, Playtime: 3.3 Hours)

  • Pretty much a starter RPG for anybody who has never played those types of games before. It's really light-hearted and very simplistic for anybody to enjoy. It is on the short side but that's okay because combat gets repetitive fast save for the end boss which I admittedly had to try several times to beat.

    (Finished September 10th, Playtime: 5.3 Hours *Add another 1.5 hours for DLC "Grubbins on Ice")

  • First off got to say much, much, MUCH better game than the first. I basically had to force myself to finish the first game just because I had gotten it day one, but AC II was not the same. So much more variety of things to do rather than the same 3 things then assassination over and over again. Also dual hidden blades, that's fucking awesome. The ending was really fucking weird and kinda came out of no where, but that doesn't mean I don't want to eventually play Brotherhood. (Finished October 23rd, Playtime: 19.5 Hours)

  • Not as good as Fable 2 and my god that ending. *SPOILERS* I fulfilled all my promises, everyone loved me and despite the fact that most of the population died I am still going to be known as the guy that let everyone die. What bullshit. *END SPOILERS* also the game much shorter than I had anticipated. (Finished October 24th; Playtime 12 hours)

  • It's a Call of Duty campaign. There's explosions and gunfire everywhere. Not much else to say about it. Also kinda short, unless 6-8 hours is the norm. (Finished October 26th; Playtime: 6 hours)

  • My god what a great game. I had originally played the FES version of this up until pretty much the end and for some reason I just stopped. Not really sure why, but anywho. I main reason why I decided to get this version (and why I think it's superior) is because unlike the original or FES versions you have full party control of all your characters during battle which makes things WAY easier. Also that final boss fight was the most nerve-wrecking fight I've ever had in any video game. Great game overall. (Finished October 29th; Playtime: 68 Hours 30 Minutes)

  • (Finished November 14th; Playtime: 7.5 hours, Heroic)

  • (Finished November 21st; Playtime: 24 hours)

  • (Finished December 2nd; Playtime: 15 hours)

  • (Finished December 17th; Playtime: 8 hours)

  • (Finished December 27th Playtime: 8 hours 30 mins)