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Hey everybody! If you read my previous blog entry here you might have noticed that I made a blog about videogames. If you haven't, well then, you're probably one of millions that don't know yet. But that's why I'm writing you right now. I'm trying to get the word out about my FANTASTIC AND ACTION-PACKED videogame blog called Dodge This Review! I really want to become a videogame journalist and thanks to many of my friends and family, I have created a blog to begin my INTENSE AND EXPLOSION FILLED career! So please, check it out at

and comment directly on any blog post, or PM/Email me your ideas, suggestions, and criticisms at Absolutely (almost) everything will be appreciated. If you really like what you see, I can email you every blog post so you'll be the first to read them when you check your email. I post a blog every other day with any news, gaming experiences, reviews and anything you can think up that has to do with games. If you want to see something talked about, all you gotta do is email or PM me and I'll add whatever I can.

The biggest and best thing you guys can do is just tell everyone you know, because even if they don't play videogames, chances are they know someone who does.

So what's it called?

Dodge This Review!

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Videogames, silly!

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When do you add new posts?

Every other day

Who should you tell about it?


Thanks a bunch everyone and with your help, I'll be out there one day giving you the updates to your favorite games! 

May 26th The day of Salvation and Pho!

Today I went out with a girl to see Terminator Salvation (She was excited to see it and really like it too, which was awesome) and eat some Pho (Vietnamese soup dish, which is also awesome). She's pretty awesome too. She goes to UMass Boston and is learning Sciences so she could be one of those docs who discovers the cure for the Cancer or the common cold, which is really awesome. Smart, cute, fun, and is totally willing to watch action movies she knows nothing about. That's Fucking Awesome!

While today was filled with fun social stuff, I also looked at videogame stuff. Today's highlights are GTA4: The Ballad of Gay Tony reveal, Army of Two: The 40th Day interview, Raiden Fighters Aces review, Giant Bombcast 5-26-2009, Red Dead Redemption delayed, Modern Warfare 2 Full Reveal Trailer, Portal recommended to Awesome girl, and lastly more thinking on creating a website to begin my videogame journalist career.

I couldn't believe it. I thought the next GTA 4 episode would be about the McCreary's but I got to hand it to my friend Jeremy. He totally called that it would be about the Black guy with the AK-47 shooting the Jews in the Jewel Heist mission. He's not even the kinda guy that's in the loop about videogames. I'm almost ashamed. I don't know how he found out before the news got released today since it wasn't on the sites I checked earlier today. But you know, I'm sure it'll be good anyway since it's GTA 4 and made by Rockstar.

I played the first Army of Two. It was a disappointment. It was a game that had so much potential and didn't deliver in anyway. So the only reason I'm looking forward to the sequel is because I'm hoping that they will fix the game and not release it before it's ACTUALLY ready.

I love Top-down shooters. I don't know what it is about them. One time I played one in an arcade for 3 hours and kept having my dad get me more and more quarters to keep playing until I finally had no more. While Raiden Fighters Aces might not have the most appealing look, it's a top down shooter with fighter planes and I'm gonna try it if I get a chance (plus some extra money, cause games ain't cheap when you work 10 hours a week on 8 bucks an hour). 

I'm actually listening to the Bombcast right now and well, It's cooler than I thoughted be, but It's hard to listen to them, because I'd get bored looking at the same screen in 10 seconds which is why video plus audio holds my attention way better. It's a good format to copy audio fast and make it extremely accesible.

I have heard so little info about Red Dead Redemption. It's maddening! But delays is not as maddening as others might think. Delays mean the developers are taking the time to make it good. In Rockstar I trust. I hope at E3 they reveal more than a trailer and some screenshots.

I'm super-psyched about the new Modern Warfare Trailer. It looks more like an awesome movie. It looks way more intense, badass, and original! Castle crashing anyone? But what I really liked is that they added more ways you're actually gonna play the game. At one point you see a first person view of a snowmobile firing a glock one handed. Plus another infrared missile camera reminiscent of your time in the AC-130 gunship controlling the 105, 40, and 25 mm guns. There's more characters, more places, more dudes, and more shit to do. That's a real sequel. That's why I'm pumped.

Portal is awesome and one way or another I'm gonna get awesome girl to play it. If you don't know what it is, well, use Giant Bomb to find out what it is and play it cause it's probably the single best game ever. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. You can't find any real complaint as far as a game of its type goes.

Lastly, I will begin tomorrow, May 27th, 2009 (which is now today), I will begin a blogspot to start my own seperate career into videogame journalism, featuring my reviews for Resident Evil 5, Call of Duty: World at War and soon to be completed The Getaway. In case you don't know The Getaway is probably the most realistic videogame (gameplay-wise) crime drama ever (more realistic than GTA 4 with obvious similarities), but made in 2003 for the PS2, which as far as gaming tech is old.

The future holds as I said The Getaway review with an announcement for the next game on my review list. Plus some insight into Hideo Kojami, Konami, and my only good experience with Metal Gear Solid. Then...... E3! AAAAHHHHH!!!!! And new blog! I'll add a link on this blog and in my status thingy. Awesome!


GiantBomb. Yeah, it's good.

I like Giantbomb because it's easy and incredibly fast interface. But also cause I can talk about and edit stuff about games as I please instead of the giantbomb telling me what's what. It's an interactive video game website aka a real videogame website.