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Worms 2: Armageddon Review 0

I hope you were as excited as I was when you heard that Worms 2: Armageddon was coming to the Xbox Live Arcade. Ever since trying the first Worms, I fell in love with Worms’s crazy strategic action. I had heard of Worms from some friends, but their explanations never served the game any justice as they never piqued my interest. But being a hardcore 360 gamer I figured I would try it since it was coming to my favorite console. No sooner had I played my first game I was hooked and of course I had ...

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Battlefield 1943 Review - A 0

Ever since DICE released the original Battlefield 1942, they’ve been making the same amazing multiplayer experience throughout the century and now 7 years later, they’ve come back to what they started. Battlefield 1943 is the spiritual successor to the original class based online multiplayer first-person  shooter experience. While the game uses a new engine, much more beautiful visuals, and has only 3 maps, the game remains true to the original. I’ve played many games in the series. I especially...

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Call of Duty World at War Review 0

I love World War II. I love playing World War II videogames so naturally I've played many Call of Duty games. I played Finest Hour, Call of Duty 2, Big Red One, Call of Duty 3, Modern Warfare and of course World at War. Ever since I first watched my friend play Call of Duty 2 on a PC, and then play it on my own Xbox 360 (being the first 360 game I owned), I fell in love with the Call of Duty series. My favorite Call of Duty is Modern Warfare, but Call of Duty 2 is an very close second and I had ...

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Resident Evil 5 Review 0

Resident Evil 5 is the second Resident Evil game I've played. The first being Resident Evil 4. This is more due to my sheltered childhood then personal choice. I'm going to review RE5 as a standalone game and as sequel to RE4 since they are very similar games and share a common theme and universe.Resident Evil 5 is less of a survival horror game and more of an action game where you continue the story of Chris Redfield fighting Albert Wesker. This time you have an AI partner named Sheva Alomar (a...

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