Games I Don't Understand People Enjoy

To put it simply, I don't see how these games (or entire franchises) are enjoyed by anyone. At all.

List items

  • The only game in the series I ever tried was the DS Wild World. I tried very hard to like it, but in the end it felt as if all the menial tasks the game gives you to repeat over and over were less and less fun as time went on. Fishing in reality is boring enough. Let's stop digitizing it.

  • I first and last played this game when I was about 10 or so years younger, so I'm not sure what my matured reaction to the game would be. However, I remember playing to the end of the first disc and asking myself why I was continuing to play when I've yet to be entertained by the game. I never bothered to put in that second disc.

  • My younger sister used to be a Sims fiend. She would construct a small neighborhood of Sims that she would get reasonably invested in. I put a Sim in a windowless, doorless room and watched him wet himself. I also included a phone so he could order pizza, but it would never be delivered to him.

    That entertained me for a good hour or two, but I couldn't find anything else fun about the game.

  • I enjoy the other Final Fantasy games as normally as most video gamers enjoy, but every time I bring up FF, someone recommends this to me. I've tried it. I almost fell asleep.

  • I had a friend named Tony in days of yore who absolutely was obsessed with the first, and at that time only, iteration of the series. I to this day have no idea why.

  • NHL. Madden. NBA. MLB. NASCAR. FIFA.

    I just don't get it.

  • DDR's popularity certainly has dwindled over the past few years (probably due to the following entry on this list), but even in its heyday, I never caught the DDR mania that circulated the rhythm games field, nor will I ever. It just doesn't seem compelling.

  • Guitar Hero and Rock Band are in full swing these days. Maybe it's because I actually play the guitar and 5 colored buttons doesn't logically transition for me, but I just cannot seem to wrap my brain around the appeal. The only thing that might seem interesting is taking a crack at a pair of Rock Band drums, but even then I'd rather just pick up a real drumstick and get something out of it.

  • I'm not really sure if this is even a critically acclaimed game series or if there is a big fan base, but it spawned sequels and they bored me to hell.

  • Some hailed this as a worthy addition to the standard and timeless franchises of Nintendo's bustling lineup along the likes of Mario, Zelda, Metroid, and a handful of others. I stare at them strangely.

  • I tried this game over at my friend's home one day. He raved about the series but nothing seemed to grab me about it.

  • I had never tried the games when they were coming out new for the SNES, but I was urged to try them on the VC immediately. Maybe people look over its misgivings through nostalgia, but I found it a pretty clumsy game.

  • Part of me wants to think that people enjoy the Tomb Raider games because it's a gripping adventure game filled with tight gameplay and an intriguing story that captivates the imagination. I never understood that part of me, and I begin to suspect that all the sexism that is placed upon female protagonists in the gaming industry stem from this, and that Tomb Raider's fan base feels no need to quell that problem at all.

  • I think by now you've noticed I don't much enjoy strategy games (at least to a degree.) But this is just another strategy game that is plodding and boring to even think about.