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The greatest things of all time.

My first list,and this list proves the most greatest things of all fucking mankind.

List items

  • Who doesn't like Alex Mercer?Hes badass,can do some sweet parkour,and he looks awesome in his leather jacket.Parkour anyone?

  • Yap,here comes the hamburger.One of the tastiest things of all time,the Whooper,hrmmm,yeah.

  • Are you surprised?You will be,but i always wondered how Heaven would look like,thanks Yama!Haha,funny name.

  • Oh yes,liquor,the greatest drink on the whole universe,whoever invinted the alcohol,i have to say a huge THANKS to that man.....or GIRL.

  • Not much to say,just one of the funniest video game concepts of all time.

  • Without game genie,i mean we would cheating.